Safran eID Solution Gets FIDO Certification

Safran Identity & Security has received FIDO certification for its biometric electronic ID solution, the company has announced.

Safran eID Solution Gets FIDO CertificationThe company’s eID solution is meant to offer more secure authentication than traditional ID cards through its embedded chip, which can store additional credentials like biometric data. This allows authentication to take place via facial recognition, with the card’s processor able to match facial biometric data stored on the card to a live image of the user transmitted to the card via NFC.

The fact that all of this is done on the card itself helped the solution to attain FIDO compliance, which in turn makes the solution compatible with any merchant, service provider, or mobile devices also adhering to FIDO standards.

Safran says countries like Chile and Germany are already using the card, and that it can be used for a range of government access applications. Now, with FIDO certification ensuring that it complies with the FIDO Alliance’s increasingly esteemed standards, the solution could prove appealing to even more government clients around the world.

September 13, 2016 – by Alex Perala