Safran Equips Dutch Police With Facial Recognition Tech

Safran Identity & Security has delivered facial recognition technology to Dutch police.

Safran Equips Dutch Police With Facial Recognition TechThe company has announced that the National Police of the Netherlands now have access to MorphoBIS Face Expert, a system allowing investigators to apply facial recognition to forensic images; and MorphoBIS Face Detective, which lets police match facial images against those in criminal databases. The software has been deployed along with workstations enabling face search and analysis.

In a statement announcing the deployments, Netherlands National Criminal Automated Biometric Identification System Manager John Riemen stressed that the technology is used together with human judgment, insisting that it is “important for the public to understand” that the system’s “[p]ossible matches are reviewed by two trained human experts, working independently.” That having been said, Riemen called the technology ‘a new mission-critical capability,’ according to Safran’s statement.

The deployments complement biometric matching technologies based on fingerprint and palm prints that Safran previously delivered to the Netherlands’ national police service. They also underscore the company’s focus on facial recognition technology, with their announcement arriving the same week that Safran Identity & Security unveiled its new MorphoFACE face scanning solution for security checkpoints.

March 16, 2017 – by Alex Perala