Safran to Upgrade Botswana Police ABIS, Expand Use Across Gov’t

Safran Identity & Security has won a contract to upgrade the legacy automated fingerprint identification system (AFIS) used by the Botswana Police Service.

Safran to Upgrade Botswana Police ABIS, Expand Use Across Gov'tIt’s a continuation of a longstanding relationship, with Safran having provided technology to the BPS since 1998. Now, the plan is to upgrade the AFIS to a system that uses both fingerprint and facial recognition, and to establish the new system as one that can be used for identity management across government departments, the new contract having been signed with the Government of Botswana.

The contract also entails the delivery of liveScan stations, cardScan stations, and mobile devices from Safran subsidiary Morpho South Africa, which will handle maintenance and support of the new biometric system for the next three years.

Safran’s contract arrives soon after the company was also hired to upgrade the automated biometric identification systems of the governments of Oman and Nigeria, further solidifying the company’s status as a provider of large-scale biometric technology to the government sector.

May 3, 2017 – by Alex Perala