Safran Highlights Benefits of Biometrics in Civil Identity

Safran Identity & Security is highlighting the benefits of biometric authentication. In a new blog post, the company’s VP of Partnerships and Presales, Digital Security and Authentication, Philippe Le Pape, outlines what biometric authentication is and why it is so important.

Safran Highlights Benefits of Biometrics in Civil IdentityProclaiming that biometric identification “is superior to traditional passwords and PIN based methods”, Le Pape puts its ease of use and more advanced security in the spotlight. He also notes that while such technology was originally used in “niche military applications” and then law enforcement, it’s quickly becoming “a widely used civil identity solution.” Indeed, in India, perhaps the world’s premier pioneer in biometric identification with its Aadhaar civil identity program, biometrics has become a central component of civil engagement for huge segments of the population.

While Safran has a hand in Aadhaar, in his blog post Le Pape emphasizes the company’s work in the UK with its GOV.UK Verify program for online access to government services, and to a similar program currently unfolding in the Netherlands. And as such large-scale projects help to popularize the technology, it’s fair to expect more governments and citizens around the world to also note the benefits of biometric identification and authentication.

July 4, 2016 – by Alex Perala