Rx Safes’ Grant-Writing Program Pays Off

Rx Safes' Grant-Writing Program Pays OffSome smart business maneuvering is paying off for Rx Safes. Thanks in part to its grant-writing services, the company has signed an MOU with Advocare Solutions, Inc., a Florida-based organization whose mission is to help families prevent and fight addiction to drugs and alcohol.

A couple of months ago, Rx Safes announced a new initiative to provide grant-writing services for clients who wish to apply for government funding for their programs. That way, NGOs that might not otherwise have been able to afford the company’s biometric lock boxes for prescription drugs could potentially acquire an additional source of funding for such an initiative.

It’s clearly paying off. The company’s new MOU would see Advocare Solutions purchase 10,000 Rx DrugSAFEs at a price of $1 million. That is, of course, if Rx Safe’s grant writer can secure funding via the Broward County Human Services Department, Community Partnserships Division. That agency has an interest in helping the company as well as the Broward County Sherriff’s Department to see that Rx Safe’s products are used to help at-risk families in the community, and so presumably they will be receptive to the grant request.

If it all works out, it could prove a major boon to Rx Safes as it continues to promote its products. There seems to be a growing market for this kind of technology in the US healthcare market, but positioning itself as an organization able to help smaller NGOs and healthcare organizations could give Rx Safes a special edge. In a statement, Rx Safes CEO Lorraine Yarde called the Broward County initiative “an important first step in proving the effectiveness of our new grant writing program” that “will open the door for a national roll-out, allowing us to offer this service to countless community based organizations across the US.”

May 23, 2015 – by Alex Perala