News Roundup: Trustech 2016, Financial Biometrics, Connectivity

Last week at FindBiometrics we brought Financial Biometrics Month to a close with an expert webinar and a roundup of November’s featured topic. In the meantime the industry news was focused on Trustech 2016, border control, smart cards, mobile integrations and much more.

Here’s a look back on last week’s top stories in global identity management:

Financial Biometrics Month

News Roundup: Trustech 2016, Financial Biometrics, ConnectivityLast week marked the end of Financial Biometrics Month 2016, which culminated in our final expert webinar of the year: Biometrics Beyond Payments. We brought everything to a close with a roundup of the month’s’ featured topic while the industry news concerning Mastercard Identity Check, Apple Pay, and a new EyeVerify integration kept biometric FinTech in the headlines.

Financial Biometrics Month 2016: The Roundup

Apple Pay Comes To Spain Via Banco Santander

Mastercard Brings Identity Check to Brazil and Mexico

Comarch Announces Eyeprint ID Integration

Trustech 2016

News Roundup: Trustech 2016, Financial Biometrics, ConnectivityTrustech took place in France last week, where biometrics hogged the spotlight. IDEX was there promoting its smart card solutions, which are enabled through its partnership with Safran Identity & Security. Meanwhile DERMALOG claimed to have the world’s fastest AFIS, which it demonstrated at the show formerly known as CARTES.

Biometric Innovation ‘Particularly Impressive’: Trustech

IDEX Reports ‘Massive Interest’ in Biometric Smart Cards at Trustech

DERMALOG Claims Fastest AFIS in the World

Access Control

News Roundup: Trustech 2016, Financial Biometrics, ConnectivityConstruction-focused biometric access control solutions provider Biosite announced new venture capital funding from Mobeus Equity Partners last week. Meanwhile we reported on an innovative automotive access control system that leverages ECG authentication and saw Suprema continue to increase its ranking on A&S Magazine’s Security 50 list.

Biosite Gets £4M VC Injection From Mobeus Equity Partners

BioLock Brings ECG Authentication to Vehicles

Suprema Climbs A&S Security Rankings

Border Control and Law Enforcement

News Roundup: Trustech 2016, Financial Biometrics, ConnectivityLast week we reported that the national police in France are using Safran Identity & Security’s Morpho Video Investigator, while airpiorts in Paris are on track to recieve biometric eGates from Gemalto. In other border control news, a custom RV outfitted with an IdentoGO enrollment center has taken to the road in the US to promote the TSA PreCheck program.

IdentoGO Hits the Road to Promote TSA PreCheck

Paris Airports to Get Biometric eGates, Care of Gemalto

France’s National Police Are Using Morpho Video Investigator

Fingerprint Sensors and Mobile Integrations

News Roundup: Trustech 2016, Financial Biometrics, ConnectivityFingerprint Cards launched a new series of fingerprint sensors last week, designed to serve the competitive smart card market. The company also continued to have its technology integrated into new smartphones, seeing launches on handsets from OPPO and Coolpad. IDEX received a sensor order from a Taiwan-based OEM, in the meantime, and Precise Biometrics announced its software was integrated into a new devices via its partner Chipone.

FPC Announces Smart Card Sensor Line: FPC1300 Series

IDEX Receives Repeat Sensor Order From Taiwan-based Mobile Customer

Coolpad Note 3S Enables Biometric Security via FPC1035

Precise Biometrics Nets New Integration Via Chipone

OPPO A57 Features FPC1245 Biometric Sensor


News Roundup: Trustech 2016, Financial Biometrics, ConnectivityCrossmatch announced its new DigitalPersona Composite Authentication offering last week while attending the Gartner IAM Summit. Meanwhile, ImageWare Systems announced a new GoVerifyID integration aimed at the enterprise market and was named one of the year’s 20 most promising CA Technology solutions providers.

ImageWare Platform Integrated Into Avatier Suite

ImageWare Named Among 2016’s 20 Most Promising CA Technology Solution Providers

IAM Summit 2016: Crossmatch Announces DigitalPersona Composite Authentication

Hyper Connected

News Roundup: Trustech 2016, Financial Biometrics, ConnectivityConnectivity is continuing to spread, and where there’s connection there’s opportunity for identity tech. Last week we reported on the biometric aspects of Amazon Rekognition and GM’s semi-autonomous driving system, while Neurotechnology announced a new solution that seem ideal for IoT applications. Here’s how biometrics and connectivity converged in last week’s industry news:

Amazon Rekognition Offers More Than Face Biometrics

GM’s Self-Driving System Uses Facial Biometrics to Monitor Driver Alertness

FingerCell 3.0 Offers IoT Applications


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December 5, 2016 – by Peter B. Counter