News Roundup: Time, Attendance, Fraud

Last week at FindBiometrics our 2015 Biometrics Year in Review continued as mobility, fingerprints and finance dominated the news. Facial recognition, border control and elections filed out the headlines while we saw a major time and attendance spoofing ring busted by police in Kuwait.

Here are the top global identity management stories from the week that was:

Year in Review 2015

News Roundup: Time, Attendance, FraudOur 13th annual Biometrics Year in Review continued last week with a look back on how companies like Apple, Samsung, Google and especially Microsoft have been affecting the adoption of biometric technologies. We also launched a dedicated roundup, where you can find all of the published 2015 Biometrics Year in Review articles as they are posted throughout December and January. Looking into 2016, FindBiometrics also made a big announcement about Mobile World Congress. Read on to find out more.

Biometrics Year in Review: The Importance of Apple, et al

Biometrics Year in Review: The Dedicated Roundup

FindBiometrics Editor To Judge 2016 Glomo Awards as FinTech and Mobility Soar in Popularity


News Roundup: Time, Attendance, FraudMobility is one of the hottest areas in identity management this year, and last week was no exception to the rule. Morpho (Safran) continued to be a strong presence in mobile news, with the announcement that it will be leading a Norwegian mobile security coalition and also the launch of its SecureIdentity solution for government services. Precise Biometrics and Fingerprint Cards (FPC) found their technology on the latest ZTE handset, while the former announced that its software landed on the new Kingzone K2 smartphone.

Looking to the future of mobility, a new report predicted a glowing 2016 for mobile authentication, while rumors swirled about the potential inclusion of a retina scanner on the next Samsung Galaxy phone. Finally, we heard from VerifyMe last week too, which received Notice of Allowance for a patent detailing a type of home-button fingerprint sensor.

Morpho to Help Lead Norway Mobile Security Initiative

Morpho SecureIdentity Offers Mobile Authentication for Government Services

Mitek: Mobile Biometric Authentication To See Mass Adoption in 2016

ZTE’s Axon Max Sports FPC and Precise Biometrics Tech

Kingzone K2 Benefits From Silead-Precise Biometrics Partnership

VerifyMe Scores Notice of Allowance For Home Button Sensor Patent

Rumor: A Samsung Galaxy S7 Retina Scanner

Facial Recognition

News Roundup: Time, Attendance, FraudIn facial recognition news last week we learned of Microsoft’s plans to bring Windows Hello to the Kinect motion interface peripheral. Tobii Tech announced that its eye-tracking solutions will also support Windows Hello, Facebook launched its facial recognition mobile photo app in the UK, and a popular theft prevention system began testing out the face modality. Here’s how facial recognition factored into the news:

Kinect to Offer Windows Hello Support

Facebook Facial Recognition App Makes UK Debut

Shoplifter Warning System to Test Facial Recognition

Tobii Tech Announces Windows Hello Support for Eye-Tracking Tech


News Roundup: Time, Attendance, Fraud

SecuGen’s new Unity BDP (Biometric Development Platform) will be making an appearance at the upcoming CES 2016 conference, we learned last week. Jenetric GmbH entered its second round of financing, Goodix forecasted a positive 2016, and a new report painted a rosy picture for the 2022 fingerprint sensor market. We reported on a new licensing agreement for Precise Biometrics too, while the MorphoWave Tower was granted a major biometric security award.

SecuGen to Showcase Unity BDP at CES 2016

Jenetric Enters Second Round of Financing

Precise Biometrics Enters New Sensor Maker Licensing Agreement

Goodix Aims High in 2016

Fingerprint Sensor Market to Reach $20B by 2022: Stratistics MRC

MorphoWave Tower Wins Major Award

Border Control

News Roundup: Time, Attendance, FraudBorder security made headlines last week with the IBIA announcing its support for the new changes to the US visa waiver program. South Africa continued its efforts to introduce biometric border screening last week too, while we saw the European Commission request that Italy make much stronger efforts in fingerprinting migrants.

South Africa Moves Quickly With Biometric Border Trials

European Commission Urges Italy to Ramp Up Fingerprinting Efforts

IBIA Backs Visa Waiver Changes, Urges Further Efforts


News Roundup: Time, Attendance, FraudVoter ID continued to be a fixture in the news last week, with more developments in the court case surrounding biometric election registration in the Philippines. Looking to Egypt, we examined a MorphoTablet deployment that is playing an important role in that nation’s democratic process.

Supreme Court Backs Comelec in Biometrics Court Battle

MorphoTablets Play Important Role in Egyptian Elections

Time, Attendance, Fraud

News Roundup: Time, Attendance, FraudA unanimous vote from staff will see the implementation of biometric attendance tracking at Mahatma Gandhi University. Hopefully the system will have a high level of integrity, unlike the one that was the subject of a police bust last week as law enforcement broke up a fingerprint spoofing racket in Kuwait.

Mahatma Gandhi University Staff Agree to Biometric Attendance Tracking

Kuwaiti Police Bust Fingerprint Spoofing Ring


News Roundup: Time, Attendance, FraudReaders of our Biometrics Year in Review will know: FinTech was voted the most interesting area of application for 2015. Last week we saw it keeping its regular pace, with major mobile wallet announcements from Apple, Google and Samsung. Iris ID, meanwhile, announced that it will be bringing its authentication solution to South Korean Banks, and we learned that IdentityX tech will be powering the new authentication solution for Atom Bank. Morpho made the news in this space last week as well, with the announcement that it will be making smart cards for Brazilian banks.

Iris ID to Bring Iris Authentication to South Korean Banks

Australian Banks Pick Android Pay

Morpho to Produce Smart Payment Cards for Brazilian Banks

CSC to Bring IdentityX Security to Digital Bank Startup

19 Additional US Card Issuers Support Samsung Pay

Avidia Bank Is Now Apple Pay Compatible


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December 21, 2015 – by Peter B. Counter