News Roundup: Samsung Teams Up With Mobile ID World

Last week at FindBiometrics we brought Law Enforcement Biometrics Month to a close while announcing the next big biometrics industry webinar, co-hosted by Samsung SDS America and our sister site Mobile ID World. Meanwhile, the industry news had us talking about under-glass fingerprints sensors, biometrics powered payments, and the newly announced candidate in exclusive talks to buy Safran Identity & Security.

Take a look at all those stories and more as we unpack last week’s top stories in global identity management:

Samsung Teams Up With Mobile ID World

News Roundup: Samsung Teams Up With Mobile ID WorldIn one month, Mobile ID World and Samsung SDS invite you to attend the biometrics webinar event of the year. FinServ in the New Age of Identity: Addressing Your Biometrics Concerns is set for November 2, and boasts an impressive lineup of authentication experts who aim to address your concerns about biometrics in financial services. FIDO Alliance executive director Brett McDowell will be speaking as part of the webcast, as will Peter O’Neill, president of Mobile ID World, and of course Samsung SDS America executives Shankar Saibabu and Richard Lobovsky, both of whom were featured in an interview posted here earlier last week.

Learn more about Samsung SDS’s biometrics and register for the webinar by following the links below:

Samsung SDS and Mobile ID World To Address Your Biometrics Concerns

INTERVIEW: Samsung SDS America’s Approach to Biometrics

Register now for the webinar: FinServ in the New Age of Identity: Addressing Your Biometrics Concerns 

Law Enforcement Biometrics

News Roundup: Samsung Teams Up With Mobile ID WorldLaw Enforcement Biometrics Month came to a close last week, culminating in an expert webinar on the topic and a month long roundup of the featured content we brought you regarding identity tech and the justice focused vertical. Law enforcement was in the news too, with Maldives police having deployed STC’s voice biometrics for forensics purposes, and the announcement of a newly invented breathalyzer that sports biometric verification.

Catch up on the big law enforcement events and news by following the links below:

Law Enforcement Biometrics Month: The Roundup

WEBINAR – Connected Justice: The Benefits and Challenges of Biometric Law Enforcement

Maldives Police Embrace STC Tech for Forensics

Inventor’s System Ties Breathalyzer to Biometric Authentication

Lock Down Your Login

News Roundup: Samsung Teams Up With Mobile ID WorldThe National Cyber Security Alliance’s Lock Down Your Login campaign made headlines last week as industry consortia and tech vendors announced their support for the public-private initiative meant to raise awareness of post-password authentication. The White House released a fact sheet on the campaign, while we reported on the support of Yubico, FIDO Alliance, Telesign and CompTIA. Learn more about the campaign by following the links bellow:

White House Makes Case to ‘Lock Down Your Login’

Yubico, CompTIA Join ‘Lock Down Your Login’ Campaign

FIDO Joins NCSA Post-Password Campaign

TeleSign Joins ‘Lock Down Your Login’ Campaign


News Roundup: Samsung Teams Up With Mobile ID WorldIt’s October,and that means Japan’s biometric payments for tourists initiative is slated to undergo a trial phase. We reported on the Pakistan government’s aim to integrate biometrics for welfare payments, and saw two reports on the spread of biometric mCommerce. Deloitte is heralding the rise of what it calls ‘Touch Commerce,’ while Mastercard’s latest survey shows consumers have come around to preferring biometrics over PINs.

Deloitte Sees Rise of ‘Touch Commerce’

Consumers Prefer Biometrics to PINs in Payments: Mastercard

Japan Biometric Tourism System to Enter Trial Phase Next Month

Pakistan Welfare Program to Link Payments to Biometrics

Fingerprints and Mobility

News Roundup: Samsung Teams Up With Mobile ID WorldLast week we saw the launch of a smartphone featuring an under-glass fingerprint sensor, courtesy of Fingerprint Cards and Precise Biometric technology. FPC was also behind new biometrics integrations on BQ and Xiaomi handsets. In the wake of a high profile hack attack, meanwhile, we saw Yahoo Mail upgrade its mobile app to support fingerprint authentication.

Coolpad Note 5 Beast Features FPC1035 Sensor

FPC and Precise Biometrics Get New Smartphone Client: BQ

New Xiaomi Device Features Under-Glass Fingerprint Sensor: Reports

Yahoo Mail Gets Biometric Security on Android

Apple Biometrics

News Roundup: Samsung Teams Up With Mobile ID WorldApple made biometrics news last week with its Touch ID system now protecting Incognito Google Searches on iOS. Meanwhile, rumors swirled around the next MacBook Pro concerning its impending release date, the notebook having been long said to feature an embedded biometric fingerprint sensor. More details surfaced regarding the biometric capabilities of the company’s upcoming smart home hub too, while criticism concerning Apple’s biometric privacy policies began to bubble up in the wake of its latest iOS update.

New MacBook Pro Could Ship Next Month, With a Fingerprint Sensor

Apple Walks the Walk on Privacy, Stumbles

Touch ID Can Now Protect Incognito Google Searches on iOS

Apple’s Smart Home Hub To Recognize Faces, Read Emotions: Reports


News Roundup: Samsung Teams Up With Mobile ID WorldMarketing applications of facial recognition technology made headlines last week as we learned of a new tourism campaign that leverages facial recognition to persuade vacationers to travel to Hawaii. Meanwhile, NEC’s smart signage solution, which also uses facial recognition, was demonstrated at Microsoft Ignite.

Hawaii Travel Ad Adapts to Users’ Reactions Through Biometrics

NEC’s Biometric Retail Solution Showcased at Microsoft Ignite

Safran in the News

News Roundup: Samsung Teams Up With Mobile ID WorldThe search for a buyer to Safran Identity & Security came to a close last week with an announcement from Safran Group that it has entered into exclusive negotiations with a party intent on buying its biometrics business. Business still marched on, however, with Safran Identity & Security announcing a partnership with Accenture and Atos aimed at enhancing visa processing in the European Union.

Safran Selects Buyer for Identity & Security Arm

Accenture, Safran, Atos Team to Enhance Visa Processing for EU

Enterprise and Business Biometrics

News Roundup: Samsung Teams Up With Mobile ID World

BIO-key’s USB fingerprint readers, aimed at consumers and enterprise users, are now on sale in Microsoft Stores. Microsoft enhanced its enterprise security offerings last week, announce new tools for business clients, and Equniti announced a new biometrics platform based on Daon’s IdentityX solution and aimed at Know Your Customer applications.

Check out last week’s top enterprise stories:

Microsoft Announces New Security Tools for Enterprise Clients

Equiniti Announces IdentityX Powered Biometric Authentication Platform

BIO-key Devices Go On Sale In Microsoft Store

Face Biometrics

News Roundup: Samsung Teams Up With Mobile ID WorldBanco Inbursa’s selphie-based biometric login went live last week, and NEC’s NeoFace solution was awarded by Frost & Sullivan. FotoNation announced new face recognition solution along with a mobile iris biometrics product. And things got a little saucy/creepy in the world of face biometrics, with the modality being put to use in matching sex cam performers to users’ photo submitted specifications.

Here’s how face biometrics made the news last week:

Banco Inbursa’s Biometric Login System Goes Live

NEC’s NeoFace Gets Frost & Sullivan Award

FotoNation Announces Mobile Facial, Iris Recognition Solutions

Sex Cam Website Uses Facial Recognition to Match Performers to Users’ Tastes


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