News Roundup: Preparing For MWC 2017

Last week at FindBiometrics we continued our month-long examination of healthcare biometrics as the industry prepared to head to Barcelona for this week’s Mobile World Congress where we will be reporting live coverage. The industry news featured its share of privacy-focused headlines, in the meantime, while stories on fingerprint biometrics, facial recognition, and national ID rounded out our coverage.

Here is a look back on all of last week’s top stories in global identity management:

Healthcare Biometrics Month Continues

Biometrics News Roundup: Preparing For MWC 2017As we begin to wrap up our Healthcare Biometrics Month coverage for 2017 there is no shortage of news on the subject. We reported on new RightPatient and Imprivata integrations expanding the reach of biometric patient ID, while HID Global released its biometrics-heavy healthcare tech trends following the HIMSS conference in Orlando. Our featured coverage continued as well, and last week we sought to answer the question: are biometrics the key to the health IT industry? Find out by following the links below.

Are Biometrics The Key to the Health IT Industry?

Biometrics Shaping Healthcare Tech Trends: HID Global

Partnership Brings Biometrics to Patient Matching System

CTS Embraces Biometrics for Healthcare Kiosks

Preparing For MWC 2017

Biometrics News Roundup: Preparing For MWC 2017We are in Barcelona this week, reporting live from Mobile World Congress. Last week we got a taste of what to expect from the leading mobility conference which, year after year, has more prominently featured the biometrics industry. ImageWare is set to showcase its SAP HANA Cloud Platform integration, Suprema is going to launch BioSign 2.0, and the competitive fingerprint sensor market is going to bring its ongoing battle to the exhibition floor, with multiple manufacturers slated for product launches. Brief yourself for MWC with the following news stories:

MePIN Will Showcase Upgraded Mobile Connect Smartphone App Authenticator at MWC

ImageWare to Showcase SAP HANA Cloud Integration at MWC

Suprema Claims Fastest Fingerprint Matching With BioSign 2.0

Goodix Promises ‘World’s First’ Tech for MWC

IDEX to Show Off New Glass and Ceramic Sensors at MWC


Biometrics News Roundup: Preparing For MWC 2017Speaking of fingerprints, the modality was all over the news last week, with a new patent for in-display Touch ID from Apple, a new FPC sensor integration, and the launch of a fingerprint-based payments system in Indonesia. Fingerprint Cards announced that it’s looking for a new CFO, IDEX released its latest corporate update, and more.

Revenues Up, Losses Down in IDEX Corporate Update

Further Evidence For In-Display Touch ID Emerges

IDEX Starts End-Customer Trials for Biometric Smart Card Tech

Meitu T8 Uses FPC1235 Biometric Sensor

Fingerprint Cards Seeks New Chief Financial Officer

Naked Payments Platform Arrives in Indonesia

Privacy and Legislation

Biometrics News Roundup: Preparing For MWC 2017Two news items had us talking about biometrics and user privacy last week. An Illinois federal court judge ruled that compelling people to unlock their biometrically secured phones is self-incriminating and therefore violates the fifth amendment. Meanwhile in Montana, new legislation is being considered that will regulate how companies must handle biometric data.

Montana Legislation Emulates Illinois Biometrics Law That Brought Google, Facebook Lawsuits

Compelled Fingerprint Unlock Violates Fifth Amendment: Federal Court


Biometrics News Roundup: Preparing For MWC 2017India’s Aadhaar national ID program made headlines last week as the government pursued a police investigation over the misuse of citizen data by three companies. Meanwhile, Microsoft made expansion efforts into the increasingly biometrically registered country, and we reported on news that IndiaPost will be enabling Aadhaar-based money transfer in a major financial inclusion effort.

Gov’t Pursues Police Investigation Over Aadhaar Misuse

Microsoft Embraces Aadhaar in India Expansion

IndiaPost, Now Also a Bank, Will Link P2P Payments to National ID

Facial Biometrics

Biometrics News Roundup: Preparing For MWC 2017Safran Identity & Security announced upgraded liveness detection for its Selfie-Check solution while news surfaced that Apple acquired yet another facial recognition company. Confirm Inc. integrated facial recognition from MorphoTrust, and we reported on new development s regarding BioID’s face-based biometric software.

Safran Brings Liveness Detection to Selfie-Check System

BioID Adds Eye Biometrics to Web Service

Apple Buys Face Biometrics Company RealFace

ID Verification Specialist to Integrate MorphoTrust Biometric Tech

Talking About Biometrics

Biometrics News Roundup: Preparing For MWC 2017Last week we published an interview with Tascent VP of Marketing and Product Management, Joey Pritikin. The conversation is wide-reaching, touching on the company’s interesting history and delving into its InSight One and Tacent M6 biometric solutions. Read on at the link below:

INTERVIEW: Joey Pritikin, VP Marketing and Product Management, Tascent


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February 27, 2017 – by Peter B. Counter