News Roundup: Prepare For ISC West and Money20/20 Europe

Last week at FindBiometrics we brought our month-long featured look at mobile biometrics to a close with a roundup on March’s featured topic. We prepared for Money20/20 Europe and ISC West, which  are both occurring this week in Copenhagen and Las Vegas Respectively, while law enforcement and border control rounded out the headlines.

Here’s a look back on the top stories in biometrics from last week:

Closing Mobile Biometrics Month 2016

News Roundup: Prepare For ISC West and Money20/20 EuropeMarch was Mobile Biometrics Month 2016, and last week we brought the festivities to a close with a roundup of all our featured coverage, events, and industry news on the topic of mobility and identity. The whole month long event was informed by our recent trip to Barcelona for this year’s Mobile World Congress, so it was appropriate that in this final week of special mobility-centric content we posted an interview with David Pollington, Head of Applications & Services at GSMA, the organization that runs MWC.

Mobile Biometrics Month 2016: The Roundup

INTERVIEW: David Pollington, Head of Applications & Services, GSMA

Money20/20 Europe and FinTech

News Roundup: Prepare For ISC West and Money20/20 EuropeThis week we are heading to Copenhagen for Money20/20 Europe, where FindBiometrics president Peter O’Neill will be hosting a panel on the topic of biometrics in FinTech. It’s a topic that has become very prominent in the past year, and as such last week was filled with headlines about biometric commerce. eBay joined the FIDO Alliance, Samsung Pay launched in China, and we learned that USAA will be among the first companies to adopt the new Windows Hello powered biometric features on Microsoft Edge. We saw hints that Apple might be readying Apple Pay for mobile websites, and continued to observe the mainstreaming of financial biometrics.

Here are the top stories from last week that will prepare you for this week’s Money 20/20 coverage.

What to Expect at Money20/20 Europe

HSBC Joins Money20/20 Europe Biometrics Panel

USAA  Among First to Adopt Microsoft Edge Web Biometrics

Samsung Pay Has Launched in China

eBay Is The First e-Commerce Company To Directly Achieve FIDO Certification

Mobey Forum Findings Illustrate Mainstreaming of Biometrics in FinTech

US Bank Mobile App Now Features Touch ID Login

Financial Institutions Are Investing in Tech Companies With an Eye for mPayments

Is Apple Preparing Apple Pay for Mobile Websites?

ISC West and Physical Access

News Roundup: Prepare For ISC West and Money20/20 EuropePhysical access control is also set to be a huge talking point this week with ISC West taking place in Las Vegas. Last week we got a look at what HID Global, BioConnect, and SecuGen each have in store for the security conference, while ZKAccess (which will also be in attendance) announced new partnerships that are extending the reach of its physical access control solutions.

Here’s how we were preapering fro ISC West last week:

HID Global Plans Strong Presence for ISC West

BioConnect and Suprema Plan Concerted Effort for ISC West

New Partnerships Bolster ZKAccess’ Market Presence

SecuGen to Showcase UN20 Serial Sensor at ISC West

Law Enforcement and Border Control

News Roundup: Prepare For ISC West and Money20/20 EuropeLast week NEC Corporation of America announced that its NeoScan biometrics solution has been picked by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement for use in the field. Meanwhile, rugged device manufacturer AMREL received FBI certification for its own biometric handheld, the XP7-ID. We also had law enforcement news come out of China, where researchers have developed a facial recognition solution that allows for the scanning of pedestrians by police squad cars.

Chinese Researchers Unveil Face-Scanning Police Vehicle

ICE Agents to be Equipped with NEC Mobile Identification Solution

AMREL Receives FBI Certification For Biometric Handheld


News Roundup: Prepare For ISC West and Money20/20 Europe

As usual, there was a large amount of fingerprint biometrics news last week, with multiple new smartphones released featuring Fingerprint Cards (FPC) sensors. Innovatrics launched a highly customizable AFIS platform, BIO-key released its latest fiscal update, and fingerprint solutions company Integrated Biometrics went to Washington in order to make the case for biometrics in the government secret. Additionally, we reported on a new biometrics enabled tablet in India that allows access to eServices thanks to its compatibility with Aadhaar.

Innovatrics Launches AFIS Platform

Patent Application Suggests Touch ID Could Soon Unlock a Mac

New Tablet Designed to Function With Aadhaar

New Vivo Handsets Feature FPC Sensors

Xiaomi’s Redmi Returns, Again With FPC Sensor

Gionee W909 Features FPC Fingerprint Sensor

BIO-key Fiscal Results Show Higher Revenues

Integrated Biometrics Makes Case in Washington

Face, Eyes, Speech

News Roundup: Prepare For ISC West and Money20/20 EuropeSensory announced last week that its TrulyHandsfree speech recognition technology is featured on the latest flagship Galaxy smartphones from Samsung, continuing the five year partnership between the companies. A new rumor has the Internet wondering when and if a future iPhone will ship with face and iris recognition, and a partnership between EyeLock and PSA Security Network has expanded the distribution of the company’s iris biometrics technology. Here is how face, iris and speech biometrics made the news last week:

EyeLock Partners With PSA Security Network

Iris And Face Biometrics Could Be Coming to the iPhone

Samsung Galaxy S7 Devices Feature TrulyHandsfree Tech


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April 4, 2016 – by Peter B. Counter