News Roundup: Physical Access and Everyday Biometrics

Last week at FindBiometrics we opened the door on Physical Access Biometrics Month with a webinar announcement and a primer on the topic, while fingerprints made headlines with smartphone integrations and more. The industry news was filled with company expansions and acquisitions, reports on everyday biometrics, and big FinTech stories.

Take a look back on last week’s top stories in global identity management:

Physical Access Month

News Roundup: Physical Access and Everyday BiometricsMay is Physical Access Biometrics Month at FindBiometrics, and we started things off with a primer exploring the current state of the biometric security tech that’s locking doors all over the world. A big part of our discussion was therefore about the recent ISC West conference—the leading physical access trade show from which we report live every year. Last week, we posted our recent interview with Sherida Sessa, Industry Vice President, ISC Events, Connected Security Expo & Unmanned Security Expo. The published conversation discusses in detail how biometric solutions have become the most exciting technologies on the exhibition floor at the conference.

Registration was also opened for the expert webinar that will serve as the culmination of Physical Access Biometrics Month: The Biometric Baseline: Starting the New Conversation in Physical Access Control.

Physical Access Biometrics Month: The Primer

INTERVIEW: Sherida Sessa, Industry Vice President, ISC Events, Connected Security Expo & Unmanned Security Expo

Sign up now for the Physical Access Biometric webinar

Everyday Biometrics

News Roundup: Physical Access and Everyday BiometricsLast Thursday was World Password Day, which served as a wonderful opportunity to highlight how dire our need is becoming for post-password solutions like biometrics. Even schools are adopting fingerprint payments in their cafeterias, as we saw in San Diego last week, while we also examined the factors that could see biometrics entering the average office sooner rather than later.

Your Boss Might Splurge on Biometrics Sooner Than You Think

San Diego School District Brings Biometrics to the Cafeteria

Password Day Offers Useful Reminder of How Bad Passwords Are

Smartphone Biometrics

News Roundup: Physical Access and Everyday BiometricsBiometric security is at least replacing PINs and passwords on mobile, as smartphone OEMs continue to integrate fingerprint sensors into new handsets. Last week we reported on two new smartphone fingerprint sensor integrations involving technology from FPC and IDEX respectively. Meanwhile, new reports surfaced suggesting Apple might end up delaying the launch of its much anticipated iPhone 8 thanks to troubles integrating the Touch ID sensor under the display.

The OPPO F3 Comes Equipped with an FPC1245 Sensor

New Phone From Taiwanese OEM Features Cardinal Q Sensor

Will Touch ID Trouble Lead To an iPhone 8 Delay?

Fingerprints Beyond Smartphones

News Roundup: Physical Access and Everyday BiometricsFingerprints were in the news beyond the smartphone last week too. In our new interview with NEXT Biometrics CEO Ritu Favre, she speaks candidly about her company’s efforts in bringing fingerprints to smart cards and the IoT. Kensington officially released its FIDO certified USB fingerprint reader designed for use with Windows 10 devices, and Crossmatch unveiled its new line of fingerprint technology: the Nomad fingerprint modules and readers.

INTERVIEW: Ritu Favre, CEO, NEXT Biometrics

Kensington Officially Releases USB Fingerprint Reader

Crossmatch Announces Mobile-Focused ‘Nomad’ Line of Fingerprint Tech


News Roundup: Physical Access and Everyday Biometrics

The FIDO Alliance is preaching the benefits of its strong online authentication standards in Europe, with a seminar held in Paris on Friday, and another in Barcelona scheduled for today. The Alliance made contact with NIST last week too, urging the standards institute to add a multi-factor requirement to its cyber-security framework.

FIDO To Hold Authentication Seminars in Paris and Barcelona

FIDO to NIST: Add Multi-Factor Security Requirement to Cybersecurity Framework

Speech and Voice

News Roundup: Physical Access and Everyday BiometricsAccording to a new study from Pindrop, call center fraud increased 113 percent in 2016. While that statistic is alarming, voice biometrics are thankfully becoming more available for caller authentication. An example of such technology is the newly announced Voice Pass deployment by Transamerica, which allows call-in customers to verify their identities by speaking a phrase.

Transamerica Enables Voice Authentication with Nuance Tech

Call Center Fraud Increased 113% Last Year: Pindrop

Law Enforcement, Security, and Surveillance

News Roundup: Physical Access and Everyday BiometricsNEC announced its new NeoFace Express solution last week, a facial recognition technology for use in high-traffic deployments that has a wide range of security and surveillance applications. KeyTech launched its own surveillance solution recently, which not only scans faces, but also can identify vehicles thanks to its license plate recognition capabilities. In law enforcement news, Botswana Police have selected Safran Identity & Security to upgrade their Automatic Biometric Identification System (ABIS).

Safran to Upgrade Botswana Police ABIS, Expand Use Across Gov’t

Dubai-Based KeyTech Launches Face, Vehicle Surveillance Solution

NEC’s NeoFace Express Aimed at High-Traffic Applications


News Roundup: Physical Access and Everyday BiometricsBitPay, a BitCoin app, has upgraded to fingerprint security, we reported last week. Visa, in the meantime, is on the path to providing behavioral authentication to its customers, and a new survey from EyeVerify shows increasing demand for biometric security on FinTech from users.

EyeVerify Poll Shows Growing Appetite For Biometric FinTech

Visa Moves Toward a Future of Ambient Authentication

BitPay Update Protects Bitcoin Payments With Fingerprints

Expansion, Acquisition, Growth, Litigation

News Roundup: Physical Access and Everyday Biometrics

Last week was extremely active in terms of expansion, partnerships, acquisition, and even litigation. FPC issued its Q1 2017 results, appointed a new CTO, and announced two new module house partnerships. SpeechPro USA appointed a new EVP, while JENETRIC expanded to the US, and Credence ID revved up it activities in Latin America. BIO-key, meanwhile, announced the completion of a million dollar private placement. Gemalto finalized its acquisition of 3M’s Identity Management business, and we also reported on some controversy: Crossmatch filed a lawsuit against Integrated Biometrics over alleged patent infringement.

BIO-key Aims for Nasdaq Uplisting with Latest Stock Efforts, Closes $1M Private Placement

Credence ID Ramps Up Latin American Activities

Gemalto Finalizes Acquisition of 3M Cogent


Crossmatch Files Lawsuit Against Integrated Biometrics Over Alleged Patent Infringement

FPC Pushes On Tech Front with New CTO, Module House Partnerships

FPC Charts Course Through Turbulent Half in Q1 Update

SpeechPro Appoints Bob Schiff as New EVP


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