News Roundup: Opening the Case on Law Enforcement Biometrics

Last week at FindBiometrics we kicked off Law Enforcement Biometrics Month in our featured articles section while the industry news brought us headlines from the worlds of border control, mobile device integrations, and physical access control.

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Here is a look back on the top stories from last week in biometrics and identity:

Law Enforcement Biometrics Month Begins

September is Law Enforcement Biometrics Month and, to kick things off on the right foot, last week we published a primer intended to bring you up to speed on the current state of the industry and the discourse surrounding it. The month-long featured focus is set to culminate on September 28, with a special webinar, Connected Justice: The Benefits and Challenges of Biometric Law Enforcement. Registration is free, and as usual with FindBiometrics webinars, attendees can expect to participate in a question and answer period at the end of the live webcast.

Law Enforcement Biometrics Month: The Primer

FindBiometrics Announces Biometric Law Enforcement Webinar

Border Control and National Security

News Roundup: Opening the Case on Law Enforcement BiometricsThe IBIA published a comment last week on the recent mandate by the US Coast Guard to require biometric electronic credential checks at high risk maritime ports. Meanwhile, Vision-Box launched its Orchestra platform, which has expanded beyond airport security applications and now boasts passenger analytics capabilities. Land borders were in the news too, with CENTINELA—a vehicle scanning system deployed at border crossings—having been upgraded with facial recognition features. Here’s a look back on last week’s big airport, seaport, and land border crossing news:

Vision-Box Expands Airport Biometrics Beyond Security Screening to Passenger Analytics

Coast Guard Embraces Biometric Security Checks for High-Risk Scenarios

Vehicle Scanning Border Control System CENTINELA Adds Facial Recognition

Identity in Cameroon

News Roundup: Opening the Case on Law Enforcement BiometricsGemalto is providing Cameroon with advanced electronic ID cards that feature face and fingerprint biometrics, we reported last week. The Cameroon government, like many counties on the continent of Africa, is keen on the use of biometrics in its providing of services. Starting today, the Cameroon government will begin measures to collect biometric data of taxpayers in order to improve revenue collection.

Gemalto Provides Cameroon with Biometric eID Solution

Cameroon Government to Collect Taxpayer Biometrics

News From The Alliances

News Roundup: Opening the Case on Law Enforcement BiometricsNatural Security Alliance launched its biometrics powered mobile authentication app last week, while the FIDO Alliance also made headlines. We examined Nok Nok Labs’ assertions that FIDO’s standards can aid in the fight against spoofing, and also that the strong authentication specifications can combat mobile banking malware.

The Strong Authentication Specs Fighting Mobile Banking Malware

On-Device, Multi-Factor Approaches – and Better Tech – Can Thwart Biometric Spoofing: NNL

Natural Security Mobile App Relies on Fingerprint Biometrics

Fingerprint Biometrics

News Roundup: Opening the Case on Law Enforcement BiometricsSuprema launched its BioMini Plus 2 fingerprint reader last week, while Fingerprint Cards (FPC) was in the news with multiple smartphone integrations of its sensor technology. FPC’s long time software partner Precise Biometrics announced its CFO is stepping down, while NEXT Biometrics made a major investment intended at streamlining its flexible fingerprint sensor production. Google was in the fingerprint news too, with new discoveries in Chromium open source hinting at the inclusion of fingerprint sensors in future Chromebook models.

Suprema Launches BioMini Plus 2

Huawei, LG Stick With FPC Sensor Tech

Google Testing Fingerprint Scanning for Chromebook: Reports

FPC and Precise Biometrics Tech Featured on Taiwanese Smartphone

Precise Biometrics Chief Financial Officer Announces Departure

$4M Equipment to Boost NEXT’s Flexible Sensor Production

Physical Access Control

News Roundup: Opening the Case on Law Enforcement Biometrics

This week marks ASIS 2016 in Orlando, Florida, and in advance of that conference FindBiometrics interviewed FST Biometrics CMO Arie Melamed. The conversation includes an in depth discussion of the benefits of contactless, multimodal physical access solutions, like FST’s In Motion Identification (IMID) system. We also learned that Disney World is fingerprinting children under ten years old in an alleged attempt to curb ticket fraud. Meanwhile, we examined a physical access control case study involving the use of multispectral fingerprint sensors at a Nigerian Shell plant used by over 80,000 workers.

INTERVIEW: Arie Melamed, CMO, FST Biometrics

Invixium Case Study Shows Importance of Intangibles in Biometric Deployments

Now Kids Need to Scan Their Fingers to Get Into Disney World

Announcing the iPhone 7

News Roundup: Opening the Case on Law Enforcement BiometricsLast week saw Apple launching its newest flagship smartphone models, and unlike its chief competitors, biometric innovation wasn’t a major talking point during the announcement event. That said, Apple did receive patent approval for Touch ID last week, and also announced that with the iPhone 7 launch, its biometrically secured Apple Pay mobile wallet will finally be hitting Japan.

New iPhones Herald Apple Pay’s Launch in Japan

How Do Biometrics Factor Into The iPhone 7?

Apple Receives Patent Approval For Fingerprint Biometrics System


News Roundup: Opening the Case on Law Enforcement BiometricsSpeaking of biometrics and financial transactions, HSBC further embraced biometrics last week with the news that its customers will be able to open online accounts verified by selfie-based face authentication. Meanwhile, USAA announced that it is using speech recognition enabled AI to improve accessibility on its mobile app and website. Financial services conference FinovateFall was held last week in New York City, in the meantime, and STC Group (represented by SpeechPro USA) was there showcasing its multimodal OnePass solution.

HSBC Intensifies Biometrics Embrace with Selfie System

USAA’s Nuance-Developed AI Assistant Gets a Bigger Role

STC Group to Show Off Multimodal Onboarding System at FinovateFall

The Many Modalities of the Week

News Roundup: Opening the Case on Law Enforcement BiometricsIn addition to the biometric modalities mentioned above, we saw the roster rounded out with some additional news items. A new partnership will see EyeLock’s iris biometrics distributed by ADI. iovation acquired LaunchKey and proceeded to launch a mutlimodal, multi-factor solution based on both companies’ tech. And behavioral biometrics made the news too, with Intensity Analytics scoring patent approval for a keystroke recognition authentication system.

ADI to Distribute EyeLock Tech

Patent Approval Heralds Rise of Behavioral Biometrics System

iovation Leverages LaunchKey Tech to Offer Flexible Authentication Solution


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September 12, 2016 – by Peter B. Counter