News Roundup: November is Financial Biometrics Month

Last week at FindBiometrics we kicked off Financial Biometrics Month 2016 while in-display fingerprint sensors made headlines. Contactless biometrics were in the news too, as we talked automated driving tests, contactless modalities, and the places consumers are still in need of strong authentication.

Here’s a look back on last week’s top stories in global identity management:

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Financial Biometrics Month 2016

News Roundup: November is Financial Biometrics MonthNovember is Financial Biometrics Month 2016, and to kick things off on the right foot we published a primer on the featured topic to get you up to speed on all the latest happenings in the arena where strong authentication meets money. Financial Biometrics Month will culminate on November 30 with an expert webinar, ‘Biometrics Beyond Payments: Multi-Factor Security and the Fight Against Fraud’, which we announced last week. Registration is open now and it’s free to sign up.

FinTech was all over the industry news last week, too, with FIDO and BioConnect each reflecting on the success of the recent Money20/20 conference, a new survey showing a growing interest in iris recognition for banking applications, and biometric authentication coming to Coinbase, the cryptocurrency exchange service.

Financial Biometrics Month 2016: The Primer

FinTech Webinar to Continue Money20/20 Momentum

Industry Expert Highlights Biometrics Theme of Money20/20 2016

FIDO Celebrates Money20/20 Success

Bank Customers Increasingly Interested in Iris Scanning: Intelligent Environments

Bitcoin Exchange Gets Biometric Authentication

Mobile Fingerprint Biometrics

News Roundup: November is Financial Biometrics MonthFingerprint Cards announced fingerprint sensor integrations on two Huawei handsets last week, the Mate 9 and the Mate 9 Porche Design, the latter of which boasts FPC’s under-glass sensor. The in-display fingerprint sensor is a goal of many smartphone OEMs and their biometrics suppliers, an idea we examined as other novel innovations took the spotlight –the Goodix’s anti-spoofing fingerprint tech make it onto a ZTE phone, and Google mulled over bringing fingerprint gestures to the Nexus line of handsets.

IDEX announced last week that it is shipping its Eagle sensors to clients, including BIO-key. Meanwhile, a partnership between Suprema and Egis Technology is going to bring the former’s BioSign software to smartphones.

Check out all the big mobile fingerprint biometrics news by following the links below:

Huawei Mate 9 Porsche Design’s Under-Glass Sensor is a ‘Milestone’ for FPC

Huawei Mate 9 Features FPC1025 Sensor

Is Swipe-Scan Notification Access Coming To Nexus Phones?

Smartphone Companies Working Toward In-Display Sensors

Egistec Sensors to Bring Suprema Software to Smartphones

Goodix Live Finger Detection Tech Featured On New ZTE Smartphone

IDEX Shipping Eagle Sensors to BIO-key, Other Clients

Touch ID

News Roundup: November is Financial Biometrics MonthTouch ID enabled Apple Pay expanded its support base in Russia last week. Stateside, FirstBank enabled the iPhone fingerprint scanning authentication option. Apple also recently announced that Touch ID is part of the new MacBook Pro, finally bringing embedded fingerprint authentication to mainstream laptops, so last week we considered other areas of consumer life begging to be given the biometric upgrade.

FirstBank Banking App Combines Touch ID, Digital Certificates

Apple Pay Support Dramatically Expands in Russia

Beyond The MacBook: 3 Places Consumers Still Need Biometrics


News Roundup: November is Financial Biometrics MonthFingerprint Cards announced its nomination committee for its 2017 AGM last week while Precise Biometrics appointed a new CFO. FST Biometrics, meanwhile, appointed a new CEO as it seeks to expand its leadership.

FPC Names Nomination Committee for 2017 AGM

Precise Biometrics Gets New CFO

FST Expands Leadership with New CEO

Face Biometrics

News Roundup: November is Financial Biometrics MonthLast week we learned about special glasses that have enabled researchers to impersonate specific celebrities on facial recognition software. Meanwhile, the face-based modality is enabling a mobile time and attendance solution called Bring Your Own Clock, OneFaceIn launched a secure password solution powered by Sensory’s biometrics, and NEC Corporation launched NeoFace Idm, a powerful facial recognition software with myriad applications in marketing, security, law enforcement and more.

Facial Recognition-Fooling Glasses Allow Researchers to Change Identities

Mobile Attendance Tracking System Uses Facial Recognition

NeoFace Idm Can Search Video for Faces by Time and Grouping

OneFaceIn Turns Face and Voice Into Keys

Voice Biometrics

News Roundup: November is Financial Biometrics MonthSpeaking of contactless modalities, Sensory’s TrulyHandsfree speech recognition software is enabling voice command features on a new Bluetooth headset. KnuVerse was in the news too, launching its new cloud-based voice authentication apps and API.

TrulyHandsfree Featured On New Bluetooth Headset

KnuVerse Launches Cloud-Based Voice Authentication Apps, API

Proof Of Humanity

News Roundup: November is Financial Biometrics MonthA new version of BioCatch’s eponymous behavioral biometrics platform was launched last week, boasting a system that uses over 500 metrics to create user profiles and fight against online fraud. Meanwhile, biometrics were employed as part of the world’s first automated driving test as a method to ensure the person driving the car is the same as the person who is applying for a license.

World’s First Automated Driving Test Uses Biometric Registration

Behavioral Biometrics Platform Gets Upgrade


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