News Roundup: Live From GIS 2016

Last week at FindBiometrics we were in Tampa for this year’s Global Identity Summit (GIS 2016) while we continued to explore law enforcement biometrics in our featured articles section. The industry news was filled with fingerprint, iris, and face biometrics news, spanning verticals from healthcare to national ID.

Here’s a look back on last week’s biggest stories in biometrics and identity management:

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Global Identity Summit

News Roundup: At GIS 2016GIS 2016 was held in Tampa, Florida, for the last time, as it will be moving to Washington, D.C., next year. While we were there we saw JENETRIC launch its new LIVETOUCH quattro Compact at a lively party after seeing an interesting day one focus on private sector biometrics thanks to the involvement of FIDO Alliance’s Brett McDowell. New product launches from GreenBit and Crossmatch made conference headlines too. Crossmatch’s Ben Ball, in an interview with FindBiometrics president Peter O’Neill, gave us an inside look at the company’s new mobile livescan solution.

Take a look at some of our GIS 2016 coverage by following the links below:

GALLERY: Bratwurst, Beer and Biometrics – JENETRIC Launches New Solution at GIS 2016 Party

GIS 2016: Will FIDO Be The Bluetooth of Authentication?

GIS 2016: Crossmatch Unveils Innovative New Mobile Livescan Tech

INTERVIEW: Ben Ball, Government Market Director, Crossmatch

Green Bit to Debut New Hardware and Software at GIS

Law Enforcement Biometrics Month

News Roundup: At GIS 2016We examined four different deployments of biometrics last week in order to illustrate the diverse landscape of identity applications in law enforcement. That was a part of Law Enforcement Biometrics Month, which will be culminating this coming Wednesday with an expert webinar on the topic. Law enforcement made the industry news too, with MorphoTrak (Safran) announcing the deployment of its cloud-based ABIS by Albuquerque police.

Law Enforcement Biometrics Month: 4 Unique Deployments

APD Becomes First Police Agency to Use Cloud-Based ABIS

FindBiometrics Announces Biometric Law Enforcement Webinar


News Roundup: At GIS 2016Healthcare made the news last week with Lenovo Health partnering with LifeMed and aiming to provide a patient ID solution to the market. Brooklyn’s NYU Lutheran medical center, meanwhile, announced a major upgrade to the EHR system it uses—an upgrade that leverages palm-vein biometrics for authentication. Biometrics in the health space might soon expand to the lower parts of the age spectrum, thanks to Michigan State University research suggesting that infant fingerprints can be used for identification, opening up innovative possibilities for identity management in pediatric care.

Lenovo Health Teams With LifeMed to Offer Patient ID Solution

Research Suggests Biometric Identification Could Improve Pediatric Care

NYU Medical Center Offers High-Profile Demonstration of Biometrics in EHR


News Roundup: At GIS 2016

A new partnership struck last week between Lenovo, Synaptics, Intel, and PayPal stands to bring FIDO-based biometrics to laptops. Furthermore, the FIDO Alliance announced that there are now 250 FIDO Certified products on the market—a major milestone for the consortium. Sensory, Inc. is counted among the companies that can boast FIDO UAF certified authentication technology, and last week it announced a major partnership with Samsung SDS that will see its voice and face recognition tech brought to the latter’s solutions.

Lenovo Laptops to Get FIDO-Based Biometrics Through New Partnership

FIDO Alliance Boasts 250 Certified Products

Samsung SDS Names Sensory As Its Biometric Partner


News Roundup: At GIS 2016Proponents of the on-device authentication approach of FIDO have another major database breach to point to when arguing for their preferred approach to security. Yahoo announced a massive hack that lead to the compromise of hundreds of millions of user credentials including usernames and passwords. Read more below:

Yahoo Reveals Much Worse Hack Attack Than Expected

Yahoo to Announce Massive Data Breach: Recode

Iris Biometrics

News Roundup: At GIS 2016After a high profile summer, iris recognition stayed in the news last week with new research suggesting that the modality might start the next wave of mainstream mobile biometrics. Iris authentication officially launched on Samsung Pay with a new update, and Delta ID’s ActiveIRIS technology received certification for use in Aadhaar.

Samsung Pay Receives Iris Scanning Upgrade

Iris Scanning May Be Next Wave Of Mobile Biometrics

Delta ID’s ActiveIRIS Gets Aadhaar Certification


News Roundup: At GIS 2016Fingerprint biometrics still hold a great deal of prominence in the headlines, with Fingerprint Cards announcing two new sensor integrations on mobile devices. Synaptics announced its Natural ID sensor is featured on Lenovo’s Yoga 910 laptop, rumors swirled around the potential of a BlackBerry device with fingerprint biometrics, and new research presented by Visa Europe showed fingerprint biometrics was a popular modality among British citizens who are warming to strong authentication technology in financial applications. We also saw how fingerprint biometrics can fit into a multi-factor authentication system thanks to platforms like BIO-key’s WEB-key.

ZUK Returns To FPC For Z2 Plus Smartphone’s Biometric Tech

Precise BioMatch Mobile Powers ZUK Z2 Plus Fingerprint Biometrics

Latest Mobile Integration Adds to Busy Month for FPC

Lenovo Yoga 910 Laptop Sports Synaptics Sensor

Is BlackBerry On The Verge of Launching a Fingerprint Sensing Smartphone?

BIO-key Technology Designed To Accommodate Additional Security Factors

Survey Data Shows Rising Interest in FinTech Biometrics Among Brits

Face Biometrics

News Roundup: At GIS 2016Uber announced a driver verification systems based on facial recognition last week, while Applied Recognition launched Ver-ID, a document signing solution that features face biometrics. 3M launched a new solution as well—the 3M Live Face Identification System can scan and match multiple faces on live and recorded video footage.

Uber Drivers To Use Mobile Face Recognition For Verification

Ver-ID Injects Facial Biometrics Into Digital Signing

3M System Can Scan and Match Faces Via Live Video

New Management

News Roundup: At GIS 2016

Two new appointments made the headlines last week. TOC Biometrics announced its new international manager, and KnuEdge appointed a new GM for its KnuVerse voice recognition brand.

TOC Biometrics Gets International Manager

KnuVerse Gets New General Manager


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September 26, 2016 – by Peter B. Counter