News Roundup: Every Major Modality

Last week at FindBiometrics we started to look back on our featured coverage from 2016 as practically every major modality made headlines. Behavioral, fingerprint, face, voice, and iris biometrics—the industry news was truly multimodal and spanned a wide range of applications. Take a look at the top stories in global identity management from the week that was:

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Year in Review

News Roundup: Every Major ModalityDecember is here and with its arrival we begin our reflection on 2016 in biometrics and identity management. Our 14th annual Year in Review survey is now open, through which you can voice your opinions on the current state of the industry. In our featured articles section, in the meantime, we took a look back on our monthly focuses from the past year, and in doing so, we painted a picture of the past 11 months in identity technology across many vertical markets.

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Year in Review: Biometrics In Featured Focus

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The Big Acquisition News

News Roundup: Every Major ModalityOn Friday, a major acquisition announcement was made, with Gemalto and 3M saying that the former will be purchasing the latter’s identity management business. The deal is set to close in the new year. Read more about it below:

Gemalto to Buy 3M Identity Management Business

Behavioral Biometrics

News Roundup: Every Major ModalityBioCatch was a big force in the behavioral biometrics news, announcing that it now has over 40 granted and pending patents. The company’s proprietary behavioral analytics technology is part of an exciting trend in identity management technology, and also stands as a solution to new advanced malware threats, one of which we examined in our coverage last week. IBM is also invested in the behavioral modality, and we reported that the company has adapted its famous Watson AI for security purposes—a development that illustrates the converging of many emerging cybersecurity technologies.

BioCatch Marks ‘Banner Year’ of IP Growth

Gooligan Malware Illustrates Need for Non-Traditional Authentication

IBM Watson Turns to Cyber Crime Sleuthing

Voice Recognition

News Roundup: Every Major ModalitySwisscom announced last week that its real time voice-based biometric call center authentication technology has become fully operational. In other voice biometrics news, Korea Telecom added the spoken modality to its authentication app, and VocalZoom announced its newly patented VoiceMatch-In-Sensor technology.

NICE Real-Time Authentication Is Fully Operational at Swisscom Call Center

Korea Telecom Adds Voice Recognition to Authentication App

VocalZoom Brings On-Device Approach to Voice Biometrics


News Roundup: Every Major ModalityFingerprint Cards announced that it ranked first in this year’s Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA program. The company also held its Capital Markets Day, where it issued its revenue guidance for 2017. Speaking of next year, SecuGen announced that in January it will be at CES in Las Vegas, showing off its own Bluetooth compatible fingerprint sensor.

Fingerprint Cards Predicts Another Blockbuster Year for 2017

SecuGen to Showcase Bluetooth-Compatible Fingerprint Sensor at CES

FPC Tops Deloitte EMEA Rankings

Facial Recognition

News Roundup: Every Major ModalityBlippar added facial recognition to its augmented reality (AR) mobile app, we reported last week. The upgrade is an exciting application of face biometrics, but it is also serving as a great example of a privacy-first mobile ID paradigm in practice. Speaking of innovation in facial recognition, last week we published a story on a new system from MIT that, through its machine learning capabilities, has spontaneously mimicked the human brain.

Blippar AR App Adds Facial Recognition

MIT Facial Recognition System Spontaneously Mimics Human Brain

Iris Recognition

News Roundup: Every Major ModalityIn iris recognition news last week, we reported on an access control deployment of Princeton Identity’s biometric technology in a retirement home. In the meantime, EyeLock was tested by Novetta, a process that revealed the technology’s exceptional matching stats. Shifting our gaze to India, a smartphone featuring the iris modality was approved for Aadhaar, and the government announced a mobile payment app that leverages eye-scanning and the famous national ID database.

Retirement Home Gets Iris Access Control Care of Princeton Identity

Indian Gov’t Announces Aadhaar Mobile Payment App

Novetta Testing Finds Low FMR, FRR for EyeLock Tech

InFocus’ Iris Scanning Smartphone Gets Approval for Aadhaar

The Journey To Post-Password

News Roundup: Every Major ModalityThe FIDO Alliance launched its 1.1 specifications last week, in addition to announcing its new Japan Working Group. Both pieces of news are landmarks on the road to a future without passwords, and Intel is taking steps in that direction too, integrating True Key into the Microsoft Edge browser to protect passwords with Windows Hello biometrics.

Intel Integrates True Key Into Microsoft Edge Browser

FIDO Japan Working Group Includes Big Names in Tech

FIDO Launches 1.1 Specifications, Cites Progress on Other Fronts

Access and Attendance

News Roundup: Every Major ModalityLooking to enterprise applications, we reported on a new deployment of Donseed’s time and attendance software. Meanwhile, HID Global announced a new PIV solution for logical and physical access control.

Donseed Celebrates High Profile Deployment of Biometric Attendance Tracking Tech

HID PIV Solution Offers Single Credential for IT, Physical Access Control

Border Control and National Security

News Roundup: Every Major ModalitySTC Group announced a successful showing of its technology at the Defense, Security and Public Safety Technologies Fair and Forum (DSS) in Egypt. Meanwhile we got an update on Safran Identity & Security’s Changi Airport biometrics deployment, and the US Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity encouraged the Trump administration to aim to eliminate password-based digital security breaches by the year 2021.

Cybersecurity Reports Lays Out Recommendations for Trump Administration

Changi Biometric Screening System to Begin Operation in Second Half of 2017

STC Group Celebrates Success at Egypt Security Expo


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December 12, 2016 – by Peter B. Counter