News Roundup: European Biometric Initiatives

Last week at FindBiometrics we examined the rise of selfie authentication in biometric FinTech as we continued our November-long featured focus on finance. The industry news, meanwhile, was filled with fingerprint innovations, biometric smart card news, border control, European biometrics initiatives and much, much more.

Here’s a look back on the top stories in identity management from the week that was:

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Financial Biometrics Month

News Roundup: European Biometric InitiativesFinancial Biometrics Month continued last week with an examination of selfie-based user authentication in finance. Attendance for our upcoming Financial Biometrics Month webinar continued to fill up too, while we reported on a new partnership between Visa and BioConnect that aims to nix passwords on mobile platforms. Citibank took a step in that same direction last week, enabling Touch ID login on its mobile app, and we also learned the key to Hong Kong’s innovative outlook on FinTech.

Here’s a look at the big FinTech headlines from week two of Financial Biometrics Month 2016”

Financial Biometrics Month 2016: The Rise of Selfie Finance

‘Sandbox’ Environment Fosters FinTech Innovation in Hong Kong

Visa, BioConnect Working to Eliminate Password on Mobile

Citibank Deepens Commitment to Biometric Authentication With Touch ID

European Biometric Initiatives

News Roundup: European Biometric InitiativesFrance was making headlines last week with the French government coming down with an executive order to create a national biometric database. Elsewhere, the UK’s University of Kent is set to lead a team of academics from across Europe in mobile biometrics research. The FIDO Alliance made the European focused news too – the UK government included the consortium’s authentication standards in its UK National Cyber Security Strategy.

French Gov’t Orders Creation of National Biometric Database

UK Government Embraces FIDO in Formal Digital Security Strategy

UK, European Universities to Explore Mobile Biometrics

Innovations in Fingerprints

News Roundup: European Biometric InitiativesWe’ll get to the usual mass of fingerprint sensors smartphone integrations in a moment, but first we ought to acknowledge some new and exciting developments in the market. Fingerprint Cards officially launched its Fingerprints Biometric Module DevKit, Suprema announced that its BioMini Combo solution is now Android-compatible, and Precise Biometrics unveiled a new partnership with Samsung. That last bit of news added a layer of industry intrigue to rumors that emerged last week speculating that Samsung is developing its own fingerprint sensor.

FPC Launches ‘Fingerprints Biometric Module DevKit’

Is Samsung Working On Its Own Fingerprint Sensors?

Precise Biometrics Announces Licensing Agreement With Samsung

BioMini Combo Fingerprint Scanner Becomes Android-Compatible


News Roundup: European Biometric InitiativesFingerprint Cards announced multiple smartphone integrations last week, launching its sensors on new Motorola (Lenovo) and Xiaomi handsets. Egis announced an integration of its own too, with its sensors being used on a new wave of Samsung Galaxy phones.

Egis Sensor Integrated Into New Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

New Redmi Devices Feature FPC Sensors

Moto M Uses FPC Fingerprint Sensor

Iris Recognition

News Roundup: European Biometric InitiativesIris biometrics company Princeton Identity was named winner of this year’s Outstanding Technology Development Company Award by the New Jersey Tech Council. The eye-based modality also had us talking border control, with news that authorities in Singapore will be using iris recognition at land and sea borders.

Singaporean Authorities to Add Iris Screening to Land, Sea Border Checkpoints

Princeton Identity Wins Industry Tech Award

Voice and Speech

News Roundup: European Biometric InitiativesVoiceprint biometrics company AGNITiO was acquired by Nuance Communications, we reported last week. The acquisition comes at a crucial time in the voice and speech biometrics industry, with Opus Research recently heralding the rise of natural speech as a key user interface.

Nuance Communications Acquires Agnitio

Natural Speech To Be Key User Interface For IoT: Report

Smart Cards

News Roundup: European Biometric InitiativesSmart cards continued to be the focus of major announcements last week. Safran Identity & Security unveiled a partnership with IDEX that’s progressing towards the realization of a biometric smart card, and HID Global announced its new OSM Multitech card. In France, meanwhile, a biometric smart card trial might soon see gaming enthusiasts using the next gen authentication tech for physical access control.

Safran, IDEX Making ‘Significant Progress’ on Biometric Smart Card

HID Global Announces OSM Multitech Smart Card

French Casino Patrons May Soon Access Services Via Biometric Smart Cards

Face Biometrics

News Roundup: European Biometric InitiativesNEC Corporation is bringing its facial recognition tech to conferences around the world. Last week we saw how the company is introducing its latest face biometrics technology to the international law enforcement and retail communities. Meanwhile, digital signature app Handy-Signatur was upgraded to include face-based authentication.

Handy-Signatur Digital Signature App Gets Facial Recognition Tech

NEC Bringing Biometric Retail Analytics Solution To NRF Big Show

NEC Showcasing Biometric Solutions at INTERPOL Expo

Business Operations and Updates

News Roundup: European Biometric InitiativesImageWare announced that it will be issuing its Q3 2016 update later today. Safran Identity & Security’s business plans made the news too, with a new interview shedding light on how the company will be affected by its impending acquisition.

Safran Identity & Security CEO Optimistic About Post-Acquisition Future

ImageWare to Issue Q3 Update November 14

Behavioral Biometrics

News Roundup: European Biometric InitiativesA new National Science Foundation grant put brainprint biometrics back in the news last week as we took a look at the latest behavioral biometrics offerings from eye-tracking specialist Tobii Tech.

Tobii Pitches Eye-Tracking Tech for the Lab

NSF Grant to Push Forward Brainwave Biometrics Research


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