News Roundup: Civil ID Versus Organ Trafficking

Last week at FindBiometrics we reported on the latest iris and fingerprint biometrics news coming out of the mobile sphere while civil ID and healthcare had us talking about the vertical markets. Here is a look back on last week’s top stories in global identity management:

Iris Recognition

News Roundup: Civil ID Versus Organ TraffickingSamsung clarified details about the iris scanner on its latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy Note7, last week, the company also releasing an official statement regarding how the biometric feature, along with Samsung Pass, is aimed at replacing passwords for users. The mobile iris scanning technology on the Note7 is featured alongside the now standard fingerprint sensor, a mutlimodal development that has EyeVerify CEO Toby Rush revisiting predictions about the major modalities poised to dominate the smartphones of the near future. In the meantime, EyeLock announced that it will be showcasing its own iris biometrics tech at the upcoming ASIS conference.

Samsung Clarifies Note7’s Iris Scanning Capabilities

Iris Biometrics, Samsung Pass Intended to Push Beyond Passwords

EyeLock to Show Off Iris Scanning Tech at ASIS 2016

Note7 Iris Scanning a Sign of Progress in Mobile Biometrics: EyeVerify


News Roundup: Civil ID Versus Organ TraffickingThree new mobile devices from Huawei have been launched sporting Fingeprint Cards biometric sensors, and new leaked images have revealed a rear-mounted scanner on the next Google Nexus phone. BIO-key and Precise Biomerics each went on record with their respective Q2 2016 results last week, and we reported on how fingerprints are protecting co-op housing and flash drives.

Take a look at least week’s top fingerprint biometrics news:

New Huawei Devices Use Tech From FPC, Precise Biometrics

Welsh Housing Co-Op to Get Biometric Door Locks

BIO-key International Projects Year-End Growth

Strong Mobile Market Continues to Lift Precise Biometrics

Will The Next Nexus Phone Feature a Rear-Mounted Fingerprint Sensor?

Mobile Maker Announces Biometric USB Drive

Payments and Banking

News Roundup: Civil ID Versus Organ TraffickingPayPal expanded the use of biometrics on its mobile app in its most recent update, and Apple Pay’s latest supporter—Bank of East Asia—began offering usage based promotions for the fingerprint-protected mobile wallet. Meanwhile in banking, Standard Chartered announced plans to use multiple biometric modalities at its branches and over the phone with customers while Commercial Bank of Qatar launched its finger-vein scanning ATMs.

PayPal Expands Biometric Authentication For Mobile Users

Bank of East Asia Supports Apple Pay, Goes a Step Further

Standard Chartered Announces Ambitious Biometrics Plans

Qatari Bank at Forefront of Biometric ATM Trend

Civil ID

News Roundup: Civil ID Versus Organ TraffickingThe Canadian province of Saskatchewan announced it is implementing face recognition for its driver license program last week. Meanwhile, in Nepal, the government is preparing to implement a biometric national ID project. Biometric elections made the news too, as we reported on the latest regarding voter ID in Zimbabwe and Kurdistan. And it’s not a week in national ID without at least one story out of India, where we have learned that the fishing worker ID project intended for national security purposes is behind schedule.

Biometric System to Fight Driver ID Fraud in Saskatchewan

Kurdistan Aims for Biometric Polling Ahead of Independence Referendum

Nepal Initializing Biometric National ID Project

UNDP Helps Fund Zimbabwe’s Biometric Voter Registration Program

Biometric ID Project for Fishing Workers Behind Schedule


News Roundup: Civil ID Versus Organ TraffickingSpeaking of India and ID, last week we saw a call from healthcare professionals to use Aadhaar in the battle against illegal organ donations. In less grisly news, University of Utah Health Care chose Imprivata’s biometric solution to manage patient records.

Aadhaar Could Disrupt Organ Trafficking

U of U Health Care to Use Biometric Records Management


News Roundup: Civil ID Versus Organ TraffickingGoVerifyID was deployed by the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, ImageWare announced last week. Meanwhile, InCadence was selected by the US Department of State’s Office of Acquisition Management to provide operational support to THOR—a multimodal biometric security system for diplomatic facilities.

GoVerifyID Integrated Into SAP HANA Cloud Platform

InCadence to Support Multimodal Security System for Diplomatic Facilities

Speech Recognition

speech and voice featureFinally, speech recognition  rounded out the news last week with Nuance announcing an upgrade to its Dragon software, Google soliciting accent research from Reddit, and Hyundai implementing Amazon Alexa powered voice command for its Genesis luxury sedan.

Start Your Hyundai Genesis’ Engine With Remote Voice Command

Google Working with a Range of Accents to Improve Speech Recognition Tech

Upgraded Nuance Dragon Software Offers Greater Accuracy


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August 22, 2016 – by Peter B. Counter