News Roundup: Biometrics and Identity at Money20/20

Last week we were in Las Vegas for Money20/20, where biometrics were bigger than ever before. As such, FinTech was the name of the game last week, but it wasn’t the only game in town. News concerning mobile fingerprint sensor integrations, government applications, and more, filled out the headlines in an exciting week for biometrics.

Here’s a look back on last week’s top stories in global identity management:

The FindBiometrics Money20/20 Panel

News Roundup: Biometrics and Identity at Money20/20

The expert panel (left to right): Conor White, President, Americas, Daon; Ajay Bhalla, President, Enterprise Security, Mastercard; Phillip Dunkelberger, President and CEO, Nok Nok Labs; Vincent Bouatou, VP Business Development Biometric Technologies, Morpho, Safran Identity & Security; Secil Watson, EVP, Head of Wholesale Internet Solutions, Wells Fargo.

This was the third year in a row that FindBiometrics has hosted a biometrics and identity tech panel at Money20/20 in Las Vegas, and the crowd is still growing. This year, the doors had to be closed after the panel’s hall was filled to capacity with audience members eager to learn about biometrics in finance. The panel – which consisted of Conor White, President, Americas, Daon; Ajay Bhalla, President, Enterprise Security, Mastercard;  Phillip Dunkelberger, President and CEO, Nok Nok Labs; Vincent Bouatou, VP Business Development Biometric Technologies, Morpho, Safran Identity & Security; and Secil Watson, EVP, Head of Wholesale Internet Solutions, Wells Fargo – was only part of the biometrics festivities in Las Vegas. Take a look at the featured links bellow to see how biometrics took over Money20/20 last week and to peruse some of our pictures from the exhibition floor.

Biometrics and Identity at Money20/20 – Pt. 1

Biometrics Panel Sells Out at Money20/20 – 1,000 FinTech Execs Attending

The Big Money20/20 News

News Roundup: Biometrics and Identity at Money20/20

Money20/20 wasn’t just about exhibitions and panels this year, it was also about big authentication announcements and product launches. Last week FIDO used the conference as a platform to unveil its partnership with EMVCo, which is focused on developing a standard for mobile payments. Enacomm announced an AI assistant that can authenticate financial transactions via voice biometrics, and Mastercard revealed the North American launch schedule for Identity Check Mobile – its mobile verification app that uses biometrics powered by Daon’s IdentityX platform.

Money20/20: FIDO Developing mPayment Standard with EMVCo

Money20/20: AI Banking Assistant ‘Eva’ Can Recognize Speech and Voices

Money20/20: Identity Check Mobile to Launch in North America in First Half of 2017

Biometric Credit Cards

News Roundup: Biometrics and Identity at Money20/20All year we have been reporting on the pivot happening in the fingerprint sensor markets, with manufacturers targeting smart card integrations now that biometric smartphones have become established as mainstream tech. At Money20/20 we saw a biometric credit card concept featuring Fingerprint Cards and Precise Biometrics technology, while FPC also announced another smart card integration with a different client. Money20/20 also served as the launching point for the Gardevant Card, a payment card that protects online and POS payment transactions with the scan of a thumbprint.

FPC Announces Dual Interface Card Integration

Gardevant Card Secures Online Payments with Biometrics

FPC, Precise Biometrics Tech Power Credit Card’s Biometrics

Mobile Wallets

News Roundup: Biometrics and Identity at Money20/20The big mobile wallets made the news last week too, with Samsung Pay on its way to multiple new countries before year’s end (and potentially launching in Canada this week). Apple Pay, meanwhile, went live in Japan with some unfortunate friction on transit systems. Read all about it at the links bellow:

Is Samsung Pay Coming to Canada Next Week?

Samsung Pay Coming To Malaysia, Russia, and Thailand in 2016

Apple Pay Goes Live in Japan, with Some Transit Glitches

Time and Attendance

News Roundup: Biometrics and Identity at Money20/20New legislation in the USA regarding overtime has BioConnect espousing the benefits of biometric attendance systems, like those facilitated by its eponymous rightful identity platform. Meanwhile, in India, city workers in Khammam will be using their Aadhaar enrolled biometrics to punch in and out for their duties, following in a trend that’s sweeping the nation.

New Overtime Legislation Calls for Biometric Tracking: BioConnect

Indian City Expands Biometric Attendance Tracking for Staff

Biometric Software

News Roundup: Biometrics and Identity at Money20/20Software contracts, launches, upgrades, and innovations made the news last week. Aware, Inc. announced its SWFT Plus Enrollment software is being used in an employment screening system by the US Department of Defense, and ImageWare Systems announced its GoVerifyID platform is being integrated into Aurionpro’s  Digital Branch DX — multi service Kiosk. Meanwhile, Hitachi has come up with a new mobile finger vein authentication technology that leverages a smartphone camera, and EyeVerify upgraded the liveness detection on its mobile app. Finally, TOC Biometrics launched an app of its own – the company launched the TOC App which used biometrics to approve remote user consent.

Aware Software Provides Biometric Assist to DoD Applicant Screening

Banking Digitization Company to Leverage ImageWare Biometric Solution

TOC Unveils Biometric Consent App

EyeVerify Update Improves Liveness Detection

Hitachi System Can Scan Finger Veins Via Smartphone Camera


News Roundup: Biometrics and Identity at Money20/20Suprema launched a new fingerprint scanner last week, the BioMini Slim S, while we saw the usual wave of new fingerprint-sensor-sporting smartphone launches. BlackBerry unveiled its very first handset with a fingerprint sensor last week, IDEX announced a design win for its Cardinal sensor technology, and Fingeprint Cards saw its sensors integrated into devices from Huawei and Xiaomi.

Take a look at last week’s fingerprint biometrics news bellow.

Suprema Announces Wireless BioMini Slim S Fingerprint Scanner

BlackBerry DTEK60 Features Fingerprint Bimetrics

IDEX Announces Another Design For Cardinal Fingerprint Sensor

Huawei Enjoy 6 Features FPC, Precise Biometrics Tech

Xiaomi Mi Mix is the First Smartphone to Feature FPC1235 Biometric Sensor

Biometrics on PCs

News Roundup: Biometrics and Identity at Money20/20It’s not just mobile devices that can benefit from an embedded fingerprint sensor, and last week we saw the industry acknowledge this fact. In the company’s Q3 interim report, Fingerprint Cards CEO Christian Fredrikson pointed to PCs as an obvious opportunity for the sensor manufacturer. Quickly corroborating Fredrikson’s prediction, Apple announced its first ever MacBook Pro to feature an embedded Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

FPC CEO Sees ‘Obvious Opportunity’ in PCs in Q3 Update

New MacBook Pro’s Touch ID Could Help Pioneer Laptop Biometrics

Face Recognition

News Roundup: Biometrics and Identity at Money20/20NEC is slated to showcase its retail analytics solution at this year’s IoT Solutions World Congress. The system takes advantage of NEC’s facial recognition technology to collect demographic data of its subjects. Speaking of face biometrics, the modality came to the rescue last week as the internet was presented with a difficult-to-decipher celebrity photo that threatened to split social media into factions based on subjective interpretation. Meanwhile, Jumio added facial recognition capabilities to its Netverify platform.

Here’s how facial recognition made the news last week:

Google Weighs In On Hanks/Murray Photo With Facial Recognition

NEC Showcases Biometric Retail Shopper Analytics Solution

Jumio’s Mobile ID Verification Platform Gets Facial Recognition


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