News Roundup: Biometrics Boom at ISC West 2017

Last week at FindBiometrics we reported our ISC West 2017 coverage right from the exhibition floor where we interviewed the big names in biometric access control. Behavioral Biometrics Month kicked off with a primer as we announced the expert panel for our upcoming webinar. And the industry news was otherwise filled with fingerprints, border control, FIDO certification, and more.

Take a look back on last week’s top stories in global identity management:

FindBiometrics at ISC West

News Roundup: Biometrics Boom at ISC West 2017

ISC West 2017 started with a bang this year. Confetti cannons were fired to signal the opening of the exhibition floor.

Biometrics were a huge part of last week’s ISC West conference, which brought with it major product launches and demonstrations in the biometric access control realm. FindBiometrics was reporting straight from the exhibition floor, with interviews featuring the big names in biometric security. Check out our complete coverage below, featuring audio interviews and image galleries of ISC West highlights.

Biometrics Buzz Continues Through Day Two of ISC West

ISC West Opens with a Bang – and Booming Biometrics

ISC West 2017: Interview With MorphoTrak’s Gary Jones [AUDIO]

ISC West 2017: Interview with Rob Douglas, CEO, BioConnect

ISC West 2017: Interview with Suprema’s Hanchul Kim [AUDIO]

ISC West 2017: Interview with Arie Melamed Yekel, CMO, FST Biometrics [AUDIO]

ISC West 2017: Interview with Mohammed Murad, Iris ID [AUDIO]

ISC West 2017: Interview with Princeton Identity CEO Mark Clifton [AUDIO]

ISC West: Princeton Identity Announces IOM Access200 Access Control Solution

Behavioral Biometrics Month Begins

News Roundup: Biometrics Boom at ISC West 2017April is Behavioral Biometrics Month at FindBiometrics, and to start things off right we published a primer on the exciting new modality. Our featured focus on behavioral biometrics will culminate April 26 with the next entry in our renowned webinar series featuring new research from Acuity Market Intelligence and an expert panel discussion. Learn more about the upcoming webcast event and meet the panelists at the link below.

Behavioral Biometrics Month: The Primer

Buzz Builds for Behavioral Biometrics Ahead of Expert Webinar


News Roundup: Biometrics Boom at ISC West 2017Fingerprints were a big news-maker last week, starting with the launch of BQ’s newest mobile handset which features an FPC sensor running Precise Biometrics software. Zwipe announced growing interest from smart card manufacturers aiming to integrate biometrics into their products, and a new update enabled Touch ID security on Apple iWork files. In the meantime we reported on a new fingerprint sensor from CrucialTec aimed at Internet of Things applications. Read about all those stories and more at the links below:

FPC Nomination Committee Backs Away from Increased Board Pay

Zwipe Reports Growing Excitement Over Biometrics Among Smart Card Makers

Precise Biometrics Annual General Meeting to Consider Share Incentive Program

Does Touch ID Have a Home Beyond MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar?

BQ Aquaris X5 Plus Uses Precise BioMatch Mobile

CrucialTec Announces Small, Low-Power Fingerprint Sensor for IoT Market

iWork Update Enables Biometric Security for Keynote, Pages, Numbers

BQ’s Aquaris X5 Plus Features FPC Fingerprint Sensor

Contactless Modalities

News Roundup: Biometrics Boom at ISC West 2017NEC Biometrics Solutions, a major name in contactless biometrics including facial recognition, announced last week that it has rebranded as NEC Advanced Recognition Systems. NIST issued a new report outlining the limits of current facial recognition technology, having concluded its recent F.I.V.E. evaluation. Meanwhile, EyeLock announced it has received approval for its 45th patent, this one describing a system that combines iris recognition and facial recognition. Check out last week’s top contactless biometrics news:

NIST Report Outlines Limits of Facial Recognition on Video, and How to Push Them

EyeLock Patent Links Iris and Face Biometrics

NEC Biometrics Division is Now ‘NEC Advanced Recognition Systems’

FIDO Certification

News Roundup: Biometrics Boom at ISC West 2017

FIDO certification made headlines last week. HYPR Corp achieved the milestone for the server component of its authentication platform, and FacePhi announced that its Selphi mobile face biometrics solution achieved UAF certification from the strong authentication alliance.

Server Component of HYPR Platform is FIDO Certified

FacePhi Gets FIDO UAF Certification For Selphi

Border Control

News Roundup: Biometrics Boom at ISC West 2017Christchurch Airport in New Zealand is trying out a family friendly biometrics screening system from Safran Identity & Security, we reported last week. Biometrics screening is being expanded in Canada too, with Vancouver Airport set to deploy 90 new automated kiosks this spring. In India, authorities are exploring the possibility of linking domestic flights to the Aadhaar national ID program, and in the United States a coalition of sheriffs unanimously voted to expand its use of biometric technology at the US-Mexico border.

All of that and more made up last week’s biometric border control news:

Sheriff’s Coalition Votes to Extend Biometric Border Security Along US-Mexico Border

NZ Authorities Test Family-Focused Biometric Screening Solution at Christchurch Airport

Canada’s Automated Traveler Screening Program Expands at Vancouver Airport

Indian Government Explores Aadhaar for Domestic Flights

Safran Identity & Security to Show Off Solutions at Milipol Asia-Pacific

Nigeria and Biometrics

News Roundup: Biometrics Boom at ISC West 2017Nigeria’s use of biometrics for national ID purposes made headlines last week, with a UN official calling for the centralization of the countries’ various independent biometric ID databases. Meanwhile, the National Identity Management Commission of Nigeria renewed its contract with Safran Identity & Security as it proceeds with upgrading its ABIS.

Safran to Upgrade Nigerian Biometric ID Program

United Nations Official Calls on Nigeria to Centralize Biometrics Management


News Roundup: Biometrics Boom at ISC West 2017Australian bank ANZ announced that this summer it will be launching voice biometrics authentication for high-value mobile transactions. This summer will also mark the launch of Sumitomo’s mobile biometrics app, powered by Daon’s Identity X platform. In biometric mobile wallet news last week, Samsung Pay was made available in Early Access to United Arab Emirates customers.

Here are last week’s biggest biometric FinTech headlines:

Samsung Pay Coming to UAE in Early Access Program

Sumitomo Bank Prepares to Launch Mobile Authentication App

ANZ To Use Voice Biometrics For High-Value Transaction Authentication on Mobile


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