News Roundup: The Biometric Smart Card Boom

Last week at FindBiometrics things were gearing up for Trustech 2016 where the biometric smart card is slated to make a big impression. Meanwhile we continued to countdown to this week’s Financial Biometrics Month webinar as mobile biometrics integrations, law enforcement, and connected identity rounded out the industry news.

Here is a look back on last week’s top stories in global identity management:

Financial Biometrics Month Continues

News Roundup: The Biometric Smart Card BoomThis Wednesday we will be bringing Financial Biometrics Month to a close with our webinar, ‘Biometrics Beyond Payments: Multi-Factor Security And The Fight Against Fraud.’ Registration is still open, and those who register will be sent a recording of our last expert webcast of 2016.

In line with our featured topic of the month, financial biometrics were all over the industry news, with accessibility issues in Chinese biometric banking, the continued rise of behavioral biometrics in commerce, and recognition for the success of an online bank that helped pioneer strong authentication in mobile banking.

Take a look at least week’s top finance-focused  biometrics news:

Black Friday Deals Come With Digital Threats: NuData

Banks Deny Loan to Armless Man Over Lack of Fingerprints

Biometric Banking Pioneer Climbs FinTech Rankings

Israeli Bank to Introduce Passive Mobile Behavioral Authentication

The Impending Biometric Smart Card Boom

News Roundup: The Biometric Smart Card BoomNow that we are entering the home stretch of 2016 it is clear that biometric smart cards have been one of the most dynamic and interesting spaces in identity management this year. The strong trend towards fingerprint sensors on smart cards was prominent in the news last week as the industry ramped up for the Trustech 2016 exhibition (formerly CARTES). NEXT Biometrics, FlexEnable, and IDEX (in partnership with Safran Identity & Security) will all be promoting smart card solutions at the event, which will also feature a keynote presentation by Zwipe’s Sales and Marketing SVP, Einar Boije.

Outside of the event hype, NEXT Biometrics won another order of its flexible smart card sensors last week, and Neurotechnology’s smart card solution passed the MINEX III test.

Smart Cards Emerging as Key Topic at Trustech 2016

Flexible Fingerprint Sensors to Take Focus at Trustech

Zwipe SVP to Speak Against Passwords at Trustech 2016

FlexEnable To Show Off Flexible Fingerprint Sensor at Trustech

NEXT Biometrics Wins Third Order for Flexible Smart Card Sensors

NEXT Biometrics to Show Off Smart Card Tech at Trustech

Neurotechnology’s Smart Card Solution Passes MINEX III Test

Biometrics on Mobile Devices

News Roundup: The Biometric Smart Card Boom

MorphoTablet 2 from Safran Identity & Security

Last week, Safran Identity & Security launched the MorphoTablet 2, its latest biometric tablet. Meanwhile, Fingerprint Cards announced its tech launched on new handsets from Huawei and an unnamed Taiwanese OEM. We took a closer look at where the smartphone fingerprint sensor is headed too, while a new Kickstarter is offering a novel, if a bit unsecure way to unlock Touch ID in the winter months.

Under-Glass Sensors Are Here, What’s Next For Smartphone Fingerprints?

Safran Launches MorphoTablet 2 Biometric Tablet

Taiwan-Based OEM Launches Mobile Featuring FPC and Precise Biometrics Tech

Huawei Extends Mate 9 Brand, Sticks With FPC For Biometrics

Sticker Uses False Fingerprint For Gloved iPhone Access

Law Enforcement

News Roundup: The Biometric Smart Card BoomINTERPOL chose Safran Identity & Security as its exclusive facial recognition partner last week as the debate over ride-sharing biometric background checks heated up in Maryland. Here is a look back on recent news concerning biometrics in law enforcement:

INTERPOL Names Safran its Facial Recognition Partner

Uber, Lyft Threaten to Leave Maryland Over Biometric Background Checks

Connected Identity in a Connected World

News Roundup: The Biometric Smart Card Boom

The connectivity giving rise to the Internet of Things is opening doors for novel uses of biometric identification,  authentication, and interfacing. Last week we reported on facial recognition-based photo marketing being used on a cruise ship, a luxury car that can recognize its driver, a Chinese theme park that uses face recognition for tickets and long range voice command tech. Take a look at the cool new biometric technology that’s changing our world:  

Audyssey eVR Can Hear Voice Commands From 19 Feet Away

Future Jaguar Cars May Recognize Approaching Drivers

Facial Recognition Delivers Candid Photos Straight to Cruise Ship Passengers

Theme Park Swaps Tickets for Facial Biometrics

Fingerprint Business

rp_HiRes12-e1434398495358-295x300.jpgBIO-key announced a new distributor of its biometric technology in Japan last week, while NEXT Biometrics released its Q3 update, and Fingerprint Cards gave a preview of what to expect from it on its Capital Markets Day.

FPC to Reveal 2017 Guidance on Capital Markets Day

NEXT Biometrics CEO Predicts 2017 ‘Leap in Margins’ in Q3 Update

BIO-key Signs Up Big New Japan-Based Distributor


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