Rockies Fans to Get Biometric Fast Access to Ballpark

Rockies Fans to Get Biometric Fast Access to BallparkThe Coors Field stadium in Denver is getting a biometric access system. A new contract with CLEAR will see the security technology firm’s fingerprint recognition technology used to screen entrants as they head into the venue.

The move is part of an attempt to meet new Major League Baseball regulations making metal detector screening mandatory at stadiums, providing a fast and efficient means of implementing such security screening.  The system to be deployed will essentially be the same as that used by CLEAR at a number of American airports. There will be a dedicated Fast Access entrance set up, and those who have already registered for CLEAR’s air travel eGates will be able to get in right off the bat, while newcomers can sign up at the event provided they have a driver’s license. Proceeding through the gate, sports fans will need only to scan their fingers on an iPad to authenticate their identities.

The development seems to be part of a growing trend that is seeing biometric access systems deployed at a number of public facilities. CLEAR’s technology in particular is gradually being expanded to more airports, but similar access control deployments of biometric technologies are appearing in commonplace facilities such as luxury apartment buildings and even social athletic clubs.

Source: The Denver Post

July 30, 2015 – by Alex Perala