Road2BUP: FindBiometrics Summer Event Roundup

September is almost here, which means we are mere weeks away from Biometrics UnPlugged: Mobility at the Crossroads of Commerce and Privacy. All summer we have been preparing for this interactive executive summit by focusing our featured articles section and blog on the topics of commerce and privacy.

Here is what we talked about when we prepared for Biometrics UnPlugged.


FindBiometrics, The Road To Biometrics Unplugged

Now in its second year, Biometrics UnPlugged will take place on September 15, 2014 at the Tampa Museum of Art.

For July the topic of the month was next generation commerce. In the featured articles section we explored all sorts of next generation payment and banking topics. The convenience that biometrics can provide banking customers with, three real financial deployments of identity management technology and the interesting topic of what we refer to as “naked payments”: point of sale solutions that operate solely on biometrics, allowing shoppers to leave wallets and credit cards at home.

Meanwhile, in the Pop Cultural Identity Management blog, we took a look at the movies Terminator 2: Judgement Day and Swordfish as examples of how Hollywood has portrayed high tech financial crimes in the past and how biometrics might change that in the future.

The Road To Biometrics UnPlugged – Commerce: The Primer

Road2BUP Commerce – Feature Two: Banking With Biometrics

Road2BUP: Commerce – 3 Deployments of Biometrics in Finance

Road2BUP: Commerce -Naked Payments

Road2BUP: Commerce – FindBiometrics Roundup

Pop Cultural Identity Management: Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Pop Cultural Identity Management: Swordfish



Moving in to August we turned our spotlight to topics of privacy. The biometrics you broadcast to the world and the need for a trusted identity regulation process were both focuses of the articles, while in the blog we featured guest writer David Johnston’s examination of iris biometrics in the new film I Origins and we revisited Terminator 2 for an illustration of the differences between authentication and identification.

Conveniently, the industry news section also had its share of privacy discussion, with the announcement of a new service that can track down picture fraud using facial recognition.

Road2BUP: Privacy – The Primer

Road2BUP: Privacy – Regulating Identity

Road2BUP: Privacy – The Biometrics You Broadcast To The World

Guest Blog: David Johnston on I Origins and Iris Biometrics

Face Guardian Launches Biometric Privacy Service




Our sister site, Mobile ID World, joined us in the Road to Biometrics UnPlugged too, putting a mobility inspired spin on the topics of discussion. Feature articles examined commerce and privacy from a mobile standpoint, while a two part interview with BIO-key’s Jay Meier shed light on the current state of mobile payments and mobile banking.

The Road To Biometrics UnPlugged – Commerce: Mobile Primer

Road2BUP: BIO-key’s Jay Meier on Mobile Payments and Mobile Banking (Part 1)

Road2BUP: Commerce – The Roundup

Road2BUP: Privacy – Mobile Primer

Road2BUP: BIO-key’s Jay Meier on Mobile Payments and Mobile Banking (Part 2)


This summer event has just been the very beginning of the conversation. Next month is Biometrics UnPlugged, where the investigation really starts. Be sure to reserve your seats and be a part of the discussion by visiting the registration website.

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August 27, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter