Rhino Biometric Readers Deployed Across Baltimore/Washington International Airport

September 19, 2013 – by Peter B. Counter

8624_lumidigm_lumidigm-vert-rgb-600wPhysical access control systems are always a great boon to airports, which of course need to constantly manage travelers, acting as identity verification and security protocol. But few places that are as open to the public as airports have as many employee-access-only areas as the terminals and hangars that facilitate our domestic and international jet setting. The Baltimore/Washington International Airport (BWI), for instance, has over 9,700 employees to manage.

BWI has jumped aboard the multi-factor physical access train (or perhaps the better metaphor is baggage transport or airport shuttle) with Lumidigm announcing yesterday that Innometriks’ Rhino biometric reader has been deployed across the entire facility for the express purposes of keeping off-limits areas – both inside and out- exactly that: for authorized staff only.

Innometriks CEO John Cassise expands: “The Rhino reader facilitated a seamless transition to biometrics for BWI by providing the ability to continue to use HID iClass cards and PINs while they were enrolling employee fingerprints onto the smart cards. This mixed mode was very critical to the BWI security administrators.”

Thanks to the V-Series sensors provided by Lumidigm, which as demonstrated at this week’s Biometrics Consortium Conference (BCC) are completely waterproof, the Rhino reader can be installed in outdoor areas. The FIPS201-certified solution reads credentials and endorses them with additional biometric security, allowing for muiti-tier levels of authentication.


The Rhino reader in use at BWI will be on display in Innometriks’ booth (#146) at the ASIS Exhibition September 24th to 26 in Chicago. The multispectral imaging technology, including a demonstration-ready Rhino reader, was out in full force at this year’s BCC in Tampa, Florida.