Retirement Home Gets Iris Access Control Care of Princeton Identity

Princeton Identity has brought iris-based access control to a retirement home in Pennsylvania.

Retirement Home Gets Iris Access Control Care of Princeton IdentityThe facility is called Brevillier Village, and is located in the city of Erie. It was having some issues with its previous keypad-based access control system, which some residents were having trouble using. And while staff were already using a biometric time and attendance system based on fingerprint scanning, it didn’t seem feasible to expand it to access control for residents due to concerns about hygiene and accuracy.

Princeton Identity’s iris-based system appeared to offer an ideal solution. Readers were installed on doors at two heights, a lower one for those in wheelchairs and a higher one for other residents. The readers could scan through glasses and take less than a second to authenticate individuals. Commenting in a statement, Brevillier Village VP of Residentail Services Jean LaFuria says “[t]he easy-to-use iris recognition technology from Princeton Identity was the answer for our challenges.”

The deployment offers a strong testimonial for Princeton Identity after its spinoff from SRI International this past summer. And with the company poised to provide iris biometric technology for Samsung mobile devices in future, its success at Brevilliar Village should also be a promising sign for Samsung and its many fans.

December 5, 2016 – by Alex Perala