Report Names Key Vendors in Growing Law Enforcement Biometrics Market

A new report from firm Research and Markets has named Safran, NEC, 3M Cogent and Cross Match Technologies as the key vendors in the law enforcement biometrics market.

Law Enforcement Biometrics

Biometrics an law enforcement have a rich and colorful history. The FBI recently announced that it will be preserving hard copies of historical biometric records belonging to particularly famous and folkloric criminals.

According to the research firm, based on its objective analysis built around a combination of primary and secondary sources, the law enforcement biometrics market is set to grow at a CAGR of 18.2 percent between this year and 2018. Specifically, the report is concerned with technologies that allow for the identification and verification of physiological and behavioral traits. This includes fingerprint, face, DNA, palm print, hand geometry and iris biometrics, as well as invisible factors like keystroke and speech pattern recognition.

In addition to naming the key vendors in law enforcement biometrics, the firm has named the market’s current growth factors: the emergence of smart cards in the vertical and a strong US economy.

“One major emerging trend in the market is the integration of biometrics with smart cards,” says an analyst responsible for the report. “The integration of biometrics with smart cards for projects such as an upgrade of a driving license and passport is supporting market growth. Also, biometrics is being used as a stand-alone authentication solution for various purposes.”

In terms of market challenges, the report points to strong competition from non-biometric technologies. The competing tech is characterized as inexpensive, and includes swipe cards, token-based authentication and non-biometric software solutions. As an extension, the message is clear: cost is an adoption obstacle in law enforcement biometrics.

NEC Corporation’s facial recognition technology was recently in the news for a law enforcement deployment. In July, the company announced that a police force in the United Kingdom is testing its NeoFace biometric face recognition solution in order to track down criminals.

September 2, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter