Report Highlights Opportunities, Vendors in Iris Biometrics

Report Highlights Opportunities, Vendors in Iris BiometricsThe iris recognition market is on the rise, though it isn’t without its hurdles, according to a new report from Persistence Market Research. The report, entitled “Iris Biometrics Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast 2015 – 2021”, suggests that there is rising demand for iris-based authentication, but also points to cost and privacy concerns as growth inhibitors.

That’s not to say those concerns could actually stop the rise of the iris biometrics market; it is definitely expanding. PMR points to rising demand from the government sector as a particularly strong market driver, with applications ranging from border security screening to surveillance and criminal identification to e-passports. Meanwhile, there is also strong demand in the areas of healthcare, financial services, consumer electronics, home security, and commercial security.

PMR identifies SRI International, Iris ID, Smart Sensors, Anviz, Smartmatic, and MorphoTrak as the leading vendors in the market right now. Indeed, earlier this year we saw a major deployment from Iris ID in an African country’s national election, while Anviz launched a major new iris-based biometric access control system earlier this summer; MorphoTrak, meanwhile, remains a leading vendor for government applications, with a range of modalities at its disposal.

Other major vendors highlighted by PMR include BioEnable Technologies, Aditech, Human Reco Systems, AOptix Technologies, IrisGuard, and EyeLock, in which VOXX International recently acquired a controlling interest.

September 4, 2015 – by Alex Perala