Recent Demonstration Shows Successful Handheld Facial Recognition at 200 Meters

Today, StereoVision Imaging, Inc. (SVI), a company currently developing facial recognition technology under government grants, announced that it has successfully demonstrated its 3D face biometric solution at distances measuring over 200 meters. The demonstration was presented to agencies from the Department of Defense in the Los Angeles, California, area.

Facial biometrics

Facial recognition has been a prominent topic during our privacy month coverage here at FindBiometrics.

According to SVI, this is the first time a handheld binocular device has positively identified subjects at such long range.

The demonstration was performed outdoors in uncontrolled lighting conditions. SVI’s technology is a handheld biometric solution that uses 3D imaging technology and noise reduction to view and identify persons of interest.

Gregory Steinthal,StereoVision Imaging’s president and founder sees this distance milestone as the beginning of even longer range identification technologies.

“We are very excited about the success of this live, field demonstration and we now feel that we will be able to extend our range out even further – to 300 meters and beyond,” says Steinthal. “This would satisfy requirements of an even larger number of military and law enforcement agencies.”

He continues: “We also feel this same core technology can now be applied to fixed camera systems for a wide range of physical security applications; notably in law enforcement, retail and casino gaming.  In order to move these programs forward, we have launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise additional capital to fund the beta testing, law enforcement agencies have expressed strong interest in participating in these tests. We are targeting Q1 2015 for products which address these markets.”

With its ambitious long term goals firmly in sight, the company recently hired a new CEO. Dr. David M. Carlson, Ph.D. has joined the StereoVision Imaging Team to support the expansion of the company’s commercial opportunities.

Though the demonstration was presented in a defense deployment capacity, facial recognition technology has a great number of commercial applications. Increasingly, face biometrics are being used to explore new opportunities in retail marketing.

August 25, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter