RBC Announces Biometric Mobile Wallet

RBC Mobile App to Take Advantage of Android M Biometrics

The Royal Bank of Canada has announced a new mobile app called RBC Wallet. First unveiled at the recent Google I/O developer conference, the app will take advantage of the new Android M OS’s biometric capabilities.

That means users will be able to sign in via a combination of fingerprint authentication and a PIN. It’s a big step up in security, and eliminates the need for users to remember elaborate passwords. It’s also going to provide users with an easy and secure way to authenticate mobile payments.

In a press release, RBC Executive VP Linda Mantia said that customer security is “paramount”, and that the new biometric authentication feature “heightens security while providing an exceptional client experience with a simpler and quicker process for authentication and payment.”

We can expect more of this kind of thing. By including native fingerprint authentication capabilities in its new OS, Android has opened the door for all kinds of third party developers to take advantage of this technology in their own apps. And many involved in mobile payments will feel compelled to introduce such security measures to remain competitive with the biggest players – Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Alipay – all of which are using biometric systems for user authentication.

(Originally published on Mobile ID World)