RapidHIT DNA Identification a Hit with UK Police

Multifactor BiometricsIntegenX is celebrating a new milestone in the use of its RapidHIT DNA matching system. UK police have used it on their 500th arrestee, the company has announced.

The RapidHIT System is designed to allow users with limited technical training to produce comprehensive DNA-based biometric profiles. More specifically, it’s meant to empower police with fast DNA identification even while a suspect is still in custody. There’s already a growing appetite among law enforcement agencies for biometric identification technologies of various modalities, and since teaming up with Morpho last year, IntegenX has been able to market its solution even more effectively to law enforcement agencies in various countries.

Its use with the UK’s National DNA Database (NDNAD) via independent contractor Key Forensic Services should help to further bolster its value proposition. In a statement, a spokesperson with Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate asserted that the “same day DNA service offered by KFS has provided a great opportunity for forensic services to further support police investigations in a very timely manner,” adding that its improved speed over previous DNA identification services “enables more effective direction of investigative resources based on the results achieved.”

While it’s worth noting that the system only provided 17 matches with the NDNAD (of the 500 arrestees identified), it’s evidently worth the cost of the system simply to get to those results much faster than traditional systems. Commenting on the system’s success in the UK, IntegenX CEO Robert Schueren said the technology’s use points to a future in which “the vast majority of DNA profiling will be done in real time and, like fingerprinting, will become a common biometric tool in the law enforcement.”

October 13, 2015 – by Alex Perala