Quick boarding with the touch of a finger

– Automated gates using fingerprint recognition being launched

By combining fingerprint recognition from Precise Biometrics on SIM cards and automated boarding gates from IER, the companies aim to solve the challenge of offering passengers efficient travel while demands on aviation security is increasing. The combination of these two world-leading technologies is also another step towards ticket-free traveling.

The travel and aviation industry has during recent years realized the benefits with fingerprint recognition when it comes to automated security, increased passenger flow and cost-efficiency. The IER SpeedBoarding® Gate with fingerprint technology from Precise Biometrics will make it easier for the aviation industry to implement and make use of these advantages.

The new automated boarding gates from IER, which are launched at the Passenger Terminal Expo in Amsterdam (April 15-17 2008), will be on display with two lanes.

Boarding with a finger and a phone
One lane in the SpeedBoarding® Gate offers fingerprint recognition in combination with a frequent flyer’s card or a registered traveler’s card, using a mobile phone with NFC functionality.

The biometric solution is based on a technology called Precise Match-on-Card™, enabling fingerprints to be both stored and matched inside a card. The passenger’s fingerprint information is registered on a smart card, in this case a SIM card in a mobile phone. When the passenger uses the mobile phone at the gate, the fingerprint information is sent down to the SIM card and matched against the reference fingerprint inside the card. Personal integrity is preserved as the fingerprint information never leaves the card.

The second lane will offer fingerprint recognition in combination with a temporary database solution where the passengers register their fingerprints at check-in, which is then verified at boarding. The fingerprint information is stored in a database and is erased when the flight is completed.

Future of aviation security?
Both at Precise Biometrics and IER, there is a belief that systems combining proven fingerprint recognition, mobile phones and automated boarding gates are the future of aviation security.

“By combining fingerprint recognition and Precise Match-on-Card for SIM cards in mobile phones, which are already in the passengers’ possession, the Registered Traveler solution has the potential to quickly reach a high level of acceptance among travelers. This will ensure short time to market together with a high level of security and efficient passenger flow”, says Jonas Andersson, Vice President Business Development, Precise Biometrics.

World leading cooperation
Both IER and Precise Biometrics are world-leading within their areas of business. IER is the world-leading designer and manufacturer of ticketing, self-service, boarding control solutions and access control equipment for the major transportation networks with installations worldwide.

Precise Biometrics is a supplier of solutions for fingerprint recognition in combination with smart cards. With 80 million Match-on-Card and fingerprint recognition licenses contracted, they are dominating this business field.