Quanergy Unveils Solid State LiDAR Products for People Counting and Access Control

Quanergy Unveils Solid State LiDAR Products for People Counting and Access Control

Quanergy has released a pair of new LiDAR products designed for access control and smart city applications. Both products are built with Quanergy’s QORTEX perception software and its S3-2 durable solid state LiDAR sensor, and will be available as part of the company’s broader Quanergy Flow Management portfolio.

The first of the new offerings is the QORTEX People Counter, which collects accurate data about the volume and flow of people in high traffic venues like stadiums, malls, and airports. Customers can use the information to create more convenient layouts and allocate resources in smart buildings more efficiently.  

QORTEX Access Control, meanwhile, is geared towards more secure government and commercial facilities that need to know exactly how many people are entering the building. The system is designed to be deployed alongside a credential or biometric-based access system, and will ensure that unauthorized individuals are unable to sneak in on the heels of someone with legitimate access.  

Quanergy’s tech does not register any Personally Identifiable Information, and can therefore be utilized with respect for the privacy of the people captured with the sensor. It will also function well in any lighting conditions.

“Enterprise and government organizations are looking to increase security and optimize the flow of people in large environments while preserving people’s privacy,” said Quanergy CMP Enzo Signore.

According to Quanergy, Quantum IT has already deployed the QORTEX People Counter at a major stadium in Australia. Quantum IT is a Quanergy partner, and is using the People Counter to gather information about concession queues and people movement in an effort to deliver a better customer experience.

Quanergy will be demoing the People Counter and the S3-2 sensor at CES in January. It is one of the many companies currently exploring the potential of LiDAR. The EV Group and DELO recently formed a partnership to manufacture optical sensors, while StereoVision Imaging has received eight continuation patents related to Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave technology.

December 19, 2019 – by Eric Weiss