Qualcomm Integrates Sensory’s Voice Recognition

Voice BiometricsSensory Inc. has announced a major new partnership with respect to its low-power voice control system. Mobile technology developer Qualcomm has agreed to implement Sensory’s TrulyHandsfree Voice Control 3.0 technology into its upcoming platforms.

The TrulyHandsfree system has applications in the bureoning Internet of Things. Its ultra-low power system allows for a long battery life, and it’s small enough that it can be integrated into a range of everyday devices that will soon be going online as part of the IoT revolution, allowing for user voice control with things like toasters, ceiling fans, and so on.

Speaking in a press release from Sensory, market analyst Will Strauss noted that “Qualcomm opened up a platform to Sensory that they are not generally opening up to third-party developers,” adding, “I would see this as a sign that Sensory has something quite special and possibly strategic to Qualcomm’s business.”

Given Qualcomm’s prominence as a mobile technology developer and the technological advancement on display in its latest offerings, the partnership reflects very well on the confidence the company has in Sensory’s technology.

Meanwhile, Sensory has other pokers in the fire. In January the company announced a partnership with Nok Nok Labs, for example, that would see its voice recognition technology integrated into the latter’s S3 Authentication Suite. With this latest Qualcomm deal, Sensory has picked up further momentum that could lead to many more partnerships as the Internet of Things starts to blossom.

(Source: Mobile ID World)