PyraMax Bank Customers to Authenticate with the Wave of a Hand

Greenfield, Wisconsin-based PyraMax Bank is ready to embrace biometric customer authentication with the help of FinTech consultancy Fiserv.

PyraMax Bank Customers to Authenticate with the Wave of a HandIt’s part of a larger collaboration between the organizations, with PyraMax having selected Fiserv to upgrade its retail banking with its DNA account processing platform. Along with DNA, Fiserv will bring to the table its Verifast: Palm Authentication solution, which enables customer authentication with the wave of a hand over an infrared sensor.

The system is based on palm vein biometrics technology from Fujitsu, and helped to net Fiserv the inaugural Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) FinTech ADVANCE Award earlier this year. Accordingly, it has now become an important component of a broader modernization package that Fiserv is bringing to PyraMax.

The deployment reflects a larger trend across the country and the world as more banks seek to leverage biometric identification technologies to make the customer experience more convenient while maintaining or improving security and fraud detection.

March 28, 2017 – by Alex Perala