Proxyclick Releases ID Match for Enterprise Visitor Security

Biometrics News - Proxyclick Releases ID Match for Enterprise Visitor Security

The access management company Proxyclick has released a new facial recognition solution for perimeter control. Dubbed ID Match, the cloud-based platform is designed to help large enterprises verify the identities of visitors while still maintaining a high level of security.

To do so, ID Match scans every visitor as they enter a building, and then matches their face against the photo on an official government ID. Those who receive a positive match are cleared without any further trouble, while any discrepancy is reported to security personnel to allow them to take the appropriate response. 

“Digitizing the process of ID verification not only speeds up the check-in process and alleviates overloaded reception staff, but also removes potential ‘human error’ from the equation,” said Proxyclick Co-Founder and Managing Director Geoffroy De Cooman. “Automating the process also frees up security personnel to focus solely on the ‘bad guys,’ providing the 99 percent of ‘welcome’ visitors with a hassle-free check-in.”

With ID Match, Proxyclick becomes one of several companies leveraging facial recognition in an effort to deliver better perimeter security. VSBLTY’s Vector platform, for example, is able to identify suspicious individuals and people with weapons, while NNTC has partnered with Vuzix to create a wearable alternative. ID Match seems to have been designed specifically to help large organizations manage large numbers of visitors, and will integrate into the rest of Proxyclick’s enterprise security offerings.

July 30, 2019 – by Eric Weiss