Prominent Biometrics Researcher Selected for NAE

Prominent Biometrics Researcher Selected for NAEA prominent biometrics engineer has been selected to join the the US National Academy of Engineering. Anil K. Jain joins 80 other new members of the NAE.

It’s a prestigious commendation. The NAE is a private, nonprofit organization whose mandate is to offer engineering leadership in service of America. One of four Indian-Americans newly appointed to the organization, Mr. Jain is a graduate of IIT-Kanpur, and is now a distinguished professor of computer science and engineering at Michigan State University.

The appointment underscores the growing importance of biometric technology in the US, given Mr. Jain’s areas of expertise: His research has specialized in the areas of computer vision, pattern recognition, and biometric recognition. The recipient of numerous awards and fellowships, Mr. Jain also has six US patents related to fingerprint recognition, and has licensed technology to both NEC Corp. and Morpho (Safran), two of the most prominent biometric companies in the world.

Given the increasing prominence of biometric recognition technology in US society, it’s fair to expect many more such specialists joining the ranks of the NAE in the near future.

Sources: The Hindu, Michigan State University

February 10, 2016 – by Alex Perala