Precise Biometrics Receives Additional DoD Order

US DoD Re-Ups on Tactivo Readers

pictured: Tactivo for iPhone 5s

Precise Biometrics has received another order for its Tactivo readers from the US Department of Defense, the company has announced. The new order is for 1200 units and is valued at 1.1 million SEK.

It’s a follow-up to an initial order placed in December, which saw 1100 Tactivo readers sent to the DoD via its Defense Logistics Agency. The readers, which attach to iPhones and iPads and require users to scan smart cards in order to gain access to secure information through the mobile devices, apparently proved valuable in the DoD, given the sensitivity of the data to which its employees regularly need access. In a statement, Precise Biometrics CEO Håkan Persson commented that the order from the government organization “shows their confidence and commitment to Tactivo for convenient and secure mobile access to information systems and resources.”

It’s more good news for Precise Biometrics, which has enjoyed a good year so far. In January the company received a major Tactivo order from a South African insurance company, and last month Frost & Sullivan named it the winner of the 2015 Global Frost & Sullivan Award for Customer Value Leadership. The new order will affect Q2 revenues, and of course there’s still plenty of time for more.

(Source: Mobile ID World)