Precise Biometrics ‘Well Positioned’ for Shift to In-Display Sensors: CEO

Precise Biometrics has aligned itself with the right partners to navigate an increasingly competitive mobile biometrics market, according to the company’s latest corporate update.

Precise Biometrics 'Well Positioned' for Shift to In-Display Sensors: CEOThe Q2 report indicates that Precise Biometrics saw net sales of SEK 20.2 million for the quarter, up from SEK 18.9 in Q2 of 2016, and producing an after-tax operating profit of SEK 0.2 million. The numbers pertain to Precise Biometrics’ “remaining operation,” as the company put it in its report, after selling off its Mobile Smart Card Solutions business to IDENTOS in June. The divestment was highlighted in comments by CEO Håkan Persson, who called it “a strategic decision” to rid the company of a “loss-making” business area.

Persson also highlighted Precise Biometrics’ partnership with China-based IC specialist Silead, which “has resulted in substantial royalty revenues” as Precise Biometrics’ flagship mobile fingerprint algorithm software “has been launched in a number of phone models from one of the world’s biggest manufacturers.”

And while Persson also cautioned about the difficulties arising from an increasingly competitive market landscape with respect to capacitive sensors for mobile devices – echoing concerns previously brought up by longtime hardware partners Fingerprint Cards – he noted that the emerging trend toward optical and ultrasonic sensors that can be integrated into phone displays presents an opportunity. “Many of our customers are offering ultrasound or optical sensors, which means that we are well positioned for the upcoming technology shift,” he said.

The company indicated that it maintains its expectation of full-year net sales comparable with those of 2016, together with an operating profit.

August 16, 2017 – by Alex Perala