Another Precise Biometrics Board Member Takes a Big Stake in Shares

Another Precise Biometrics Board Member Takes a Big Stake in Shares

Precise Biometrics board member Mats Lindoff has purchased 75,000 shares in his firm, the company has announced.

It’s the latest in what has become a string of share purchases among senior Precise Biometrics managers. Last November, the company’s Chief Financial Officer, Ulrik Nilsson, bought 200,000 shares, and this was followed by the purchase of 150,000 shares by Chairman of the Board Torgny Hellström in December – a move that brought the latter’s stake in the company to 200,000.

These were all announced in somewhat terse press releases from Precise Biometrics, seemingly meant only to communicate such activities in compliance with certain regulations. Nevertheless, the share purchases also offer a show of confidence in the company among some of its top managers at a tumultuous time in the fingerprint sensor market, which has seen falling ASPs among Precise Biometrics’ fingerprint sensor partners over the past year and change.

For its part, Precise Biometrics’ CEO, who took on the role last August, has taken measures to restructure the company and expand its reach into new market areas for its fingerprint algorithm software; and it looks like these measures may have inspired confidence in Nilsson, Hellström, and Lindoff at the very least.

January 3, 2019 – by Alex Perala