Pramati Technologies Announces ThumbSignIn App

Pramati Technologies has announced a new security solution that allows companies to leverage users’ smartphone fingerprint scanners for authentication. Called ThumbSignIn, it’s a SaaS platform for mobile and web apps.Pramati Technologies Announces ThumbSignIn App

The system ensures that biometric authentication is done entirely on the user’s device, with no biometric data stored on a server. ThumbSignIn SDKs are available for iOS and Android developers, and also for the Google-made GoLang coding language, enabling the solution to be deployed for web apps as well.

The solution is also part of the growing list of authentication solutions on the market that are FIDO Certified, offering the solution an important level of credibility. In a statement announcing ThumbSignIn, Pramati President and co-f0under Vijay Pullur said, “We believe FIDO certification will be an overwhelming incentive for customers in their product adoption.”

For end users, the ThumbSignIn app is now available for free from Apple and Android online stores.

July 10, 2017 – by Alex Perala