News Roundup: Post-Password Champions

Last week at FindBiometrics marked the start of Healthcare Month 2016 while financial biometrics, physical access control and post-password championing made up the bulk of our industry news.

Here’s a look back on the top identity management stories from the week that was:

Healthcare Month 2016

News Roundup: Post-Password ChampionsLast week we kicked off Healthcare Month 2016 with a primer detailing all the new and exciting ways biometrics are carving out a secure and convenient space in hospitals, clinics and even the homes of chronic patients. Rx Safes, meanwhile, was in the news thanks to a bolstered sales and marketing team and a new electronic health records system: RxSafeEHR. We saw GenKey receive recognition for its healthcare fraud busting solution in Africa, and we also reported on the implementation of biometric attendance tracking in Haryana, India.

Healthcare Month 2016: The Primer

GenKey Solution Shortlisted for Africa Healthcare Summit Award

Rx Safes Announces Biometric EHR Solution

Rx Safes Builds Sales and Marketing Team

Indian State Brings Biometric Attendance Tracking to Hospitals


News Roundup: Post-Password ChampionsAs has become the norm in our weekly biometrics coverage, the financial services market made its fair share of headlines. We saw Orange entering a new agreement that will help Iraqi citizens use International Smart Card POS terminals for payments while South Korean bank KEB Hana adopted FIDO Certified fingerprint authentication for its mobile app. Speaking of mobility, Fifth Third Bank enabled Touch ID functionality and The Members Group (TMG) began to rollout Samsung Pay to its clients.

All of this activity was given a broader context thanks to a new reports from Goode Intelligence, positively characterizing the biometric financial services sector.

TMG Rolls Out Samsung Pay Functionality

Fifth Third Bank Implements Touch ID Biometrics

Biometrics in Banking to Reach $11 Billion by 2020: Goode Intelligence

Korean Bank Introduces FIDO Certified Biometric Authentication on Mobile App

Orange to Facilitate ISC ePayments Authentication in Iraq


News Roundup: Post-Password ChampionsAs previously announced, Fingerprint Cards (FPC) released its year end report for 2015 last week. In other fingerprint biometrics news: Q Technology, a smartphone camera module supplier, entered the fingerprint sensor market.

FPC Year-End Details Strong 2015 Results

Q Technology Enters Fingerprint Sensor Market

Physical Access, Time and Attendance

Facial recognition has been deployed in Beijing Railway Station to help bring security and convenience to the transit terminal. In the meantime, Bodet launched the much lauded Kelio Visio X7 time and attendance solution, ievo announced impressive figures regarding the adoption of its solutions in the UK construction sector, and a new report from TechNavio predicted major growth for the Access Control as a Service (ACaaS) market.

Here’s how physical access and attendance tracking made the news last week:

Beijing Railway Station Introduces Biometric Passenger Processing

Top UK Construction Companies Using ievo Technology

Bodet Launches Red Dot Award-Winning HR System

ACaaS Market to See ‘Immense Growth’: Report

Post-Password Security

News Roundup: Post-Password ChampionsIn a new blog post on its company website, EyeVerify decried the password. The eye-vein biometrics company isn’t the only one fed up with passwords—a number of CISOs from various industries went on record last week on the ways they are aiming to move on to the next stage in authentication.

Regular readers will no doubt be aware that the FIDO Alliance has been waging a winning war on passwords for the past few years, and that effort is continuing with its first interoperability test event to be held outside the US having just been announced. Windows Hello, the biometric security platform built into Windows 10, is another major effort against the password (one that flies the FIDO flag) and it has recently finished a 12-city tour with partner BIO-key. We have stories on that and more in the links below:

Password-Based Security is ‘Untenable’: EyeVerify

Windows Hello Opening ‘Huge Market’ to BIO-key Solutions: CEO

CrucialTec to Host FIDO Interoperability Test Event Outside the US

CISOs Look Beyond Password Security

BIO-key Proclaims Success of Windows Hello Tour

The Mobile Revolution Continues

News Roundup: Post-Password ChampionsThe mobile biometrics revolution is still underway. Last week we got a look at just how direly the Internet of Things needs strong authentication solutions and standards thanks to a concerning new webapp. Samsung’s latest patent, meanwhile, describes a novel form of user authentication that combines vital and vascular biometrics. Vodaphone named Morpho (Safran) its 2015 Supplier of the Year last week, while its American subsidiary MorphoTrust partnered with

Here’s a snapshot of how the mobile revolution was looking during the first week of February:

Samsung Patent Describes Authentication For Smartwatches

MorphoTrust Partners With

Shodan Highlights Demand For IoT Authentication

Vodafone Names Morpho 2015 ‘Supplier of the Year’


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February 8, 2016 – by Peter B. Counter