POS AG Deploys BioID’s PhotoVerify for SIM Card Activation

POS AG Deploys BioID's PhotoVerify for SIM Card Activation

The Austrian software company POS AG has deployed BioID’s identity verification services to allow its customers to self-activate their SIM cards. POS AG will specifically be leveraging BioID’s PhotoVerify solution, which will eliminate the need to speak with an agent (in person or online) when activating a card.

PhotoVerify combines document verification and facial recognition with liveness detection. The solution is able to establish the authenticity of a document like a passport or a driver’s license, and then match a selfie against the picture on the ID to confirm that the person in the photo is still in possession of the document. The technology will ensure that POS AG’s tech is compliant with Europe’s latest telecom standards.

“POS AG aims at a total solution that reliably determines not only that the ID is genuine, but also that it belongs to the submitting person,” said POS AG CEO Berndt Vossebein.

“This collaboration enables a cost efficient and accurate solution with frictionless user experience,” added BioID CEO Ho Chang.

With strong liveness detection, PhotoVerify is able to guard against fraud and prevent false positives from masks or photos. BioID introduced the liveness detection feature in the early stages of 2018, with the PhotoVerify platform itself having been launched a few months prior. The company has since partnered with TESIS to provide biometric authentication for the “ASPR” password manager.

July 18, 2019 – by Eric Weiss