PolyU Researchers Announce Low-Cost 3D Fingerprint System

Researchers at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, or PolyU, have announced a new 3D fingerprint imaging system based on a single low-cost digital camera.

PolyU Researchers Announce Low-Cost 3D Fingerprint SystemWhile the single camera cannot in itself produce a 3D image, the system is based on analysis of multiple images produced from different LED light sources, allowing a composite, virtual 3D picture to be developed. The researchers say that their system offers a matching accuracy of about 97 percent, and that it can process the scan in about two seconds.

The system offers certain advantages over other fingerprint scanning systems. A 3D scan theoretically offers more accuracy than a 2D scan, and the fact that its contactless prevents distortion from the skin being pressed against a sensor. It could also help to thwart spoofing, since an actual three-dimensional fingerprint is required for the scan, and it’s more hygienic than some contact-based systems.

In announcing the system, the PolyU researchers highlighted its applications in areas like forensics, access control, and border control, and asserted that they have secured multiple US patents for the system in pursuit of its commercialization.

March 30, 2017 – by Alex Perala