Physically Protecting Data: EnterTech Deploys Biometric Access Control at SuperNAPs

ENTERTECHFebruary 5. 2014 – by Peter B. Counter     

Data is valuable and needs protection. It is the basic premise that drives biometric adoption in the area of logical access control, BYOD and mobile device management. The focus on the importance of virtual information is increasingly growing, and with this also grows the threat of cyber-crime. What is often left out of popular conversation in regards to data security is the fact that this precious commodity relies on a physical infrastructure, which although may not be breachable from the comfort of a hacker’s home office, is still vulnerable to compromise if left unprotected.

Thankfully, biometrics can aid in protecting the physical end of technology ecosystems too, namely the data centers that allow for such modern luxuries as cloud computing, high speed online connectivity and eCommerce. Switch, a privately held company based out of Enterprise, Nevada, is a provider of these services through its SuperNAPs – high-density data centers located in Las Vegas – and it has announced today that Suprema’s BioEntry Plus technology will be further securing the mega-hubs.

The biometric deployment comes courtesy of Suprema’s US operating partner EnterTech Systems, who in addition to offering the Korean fingerprint reader technology also offers an interface solution in the form of its BioConnect platform that allows for the management of credentials and terminals from the same application.

EnterTech CEO Rob Douglas expands on the need to protect data centers, saying: “With technology adoption continuing to fast track at a record pace, it is becoming increasingly important that critical infrastructure such as the Switch SuperNAPs data center is absolutely secured. And that access is only granted to authorized personnel through their “true identify” rather than approximation technologies such as pass cards, personal identification numbers (PINs), or keys.”

Switch has chosen EnterTech to supply both the hardware and technical support as it sets out to replace and upgrade its current biometric access control on a company-wide scale. This means buildings, data floor entrances and areas open to visitors from Switch’s 600 plus global clients. Laid all out on the table, the deployment will require the identity management of a population over 4000 consisting of customers and employees.

EnterTech has been bringing Suprema powered biometric access control to a wide range of clients. Most recently announcing a partnership with Millennium Group focused on facilitating fingerprint high security to healthcare and condominium markets. A key to the company’s recent successes in nailing down contracts and deployments has been its focus on breaking down the barriers in adoption. Considering the size of the SuperNAPs order, this went a long way in singling out the Suprema operating partner.