Physical Access Month: The Primer

Welcome to Physical Access Month at FindBiometrics. All throughout April, in our featured articles section, we will be investigating the biometric technology that physically locks up our most important places and keeps us safe. Meanwhile, we will also be bringing you live coverage of this year’s ISC West exhibition and an exclusive webinar event, Balancing Convenience and Security in Biometric Access Control.

To get started, let’s take a look at the major topics in physical access control right now:

Convenience, Security and Addressing Adoption Barriers

Biometrics are a major contributor to the physical access control market, a realm once dominated by key cards, FOBs and old lock and key mechanisms. The major benefit biometric tech brings to physical access is twofold: first, it’s a more secure and accountable way of locking up; and second, it can be much more convenient for end users and administrators alike.

On the security side of things, biometrics are ideal for physical access control because they are non-transferable and can’t be lost, forgotten or stolen. Biometric security systems, in many cases, can also be scaled up or down depending on the level of security required or convenience desired.

For all their benefits in this manner, there are still adoption obstacles faced by the industry, namely cost and administrative friction when it comes to implementation. Thankfully, the major vendors in biometric physical access control have been combating those obstacles for years now, and thanks to new innovations, partnerships and integrations, balancing security and convenience has become more accessible than ever before.

The following news stories will give you an idea of how security and convenience enter into biometric physical access control.

Biometrics Play Important Role in Access Control Market

Lenel Systems Certifies MorphoTrak To Keep Access Control Accessible

The Barriers of Adoption In Biometric Physical Access Control

Bring Your Own Credential: A Place For Mobility in Biometric Physical Access

Zwipe Integrates With HID Global, Makes Biometric Upgrade Accessible

IrisAccess Product Line Receives Significant Price Drop

Zwipe Joins aptiQ Alliance

AMAG Certifies SRI International Iris Biometric System

Suprema Integrates Biometric Access With Milestone Video Management Software

Market Update: United Kingdom Access Control

The Modalities

Biometric Access ControlAs mentioned above, biometric access control is scalable in nature, and that is in large part due to the large number of biometric modalities that can be used to keep doors closed. Fingerprint, palm-vein, iris and face biometrics are all regularly used in physical security deployments, and when a higher level of security calls for it, multiple biometric factors are invoked.

As a truly multimodal application of biometric technology, it’s difficult to imagine a type of biological recognition that couldn’t help bolster a security system. What follows are news articles, videos and interviews that illustrate just how truly diverse physical access control is in terms of applicable biometric technology.

The Many Modes of Biometric Physical Access Control

Fujitsu Announces New “Spoof-Proof” Palm Vein Biometric Access Control Solution

Interview With Kim Kristian Humborstad, CEO, Zwipe AS

MorphoAccess SIGMA Awarded Best of Biometrics Award By Security Industry Association


FST Announces New Products For ISC West

Build Your Own Biometric Access Control With ievo’s New Custom Kit

VIDEO: 3M Cogent Demonstrates Two-Factor Biometric Access Control

The Applications

Government Adoption Named Key Driver in Latin American Biometrics MarketJust as diverse as the supported modalities in physical access control are the related areas of deployment. Indeed, wherever there is a door worth locking there is an opportunity to deploy biometrics.

Biometric physical access control solutions secure medicine in pharmaceutical cabinets; lock gates, doors and elevators; they physically protect data centers; they even keeps homes safe. It can even be argued that the area of border control, which controls access beyond international boundaries is a massive subset of the physical access control vertical market.

Here is a look at the diverse range of biometric deployments in access control from all around the world.

MorphoTrak Partners With Identity One, Brings Biometric Access To Railroads

Facial Recognition Deployed at St. Louis High School

Biometric Physical Access Now a Luxury Home Feature

EnterTech Brings Secure Luxury To Rental Property

EnterTech Locks Down Medical Marijuana With Biometrics

SRI and emaratech Bring Iris Biometrics to United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Oman

SRI International’s Iris on the Move N-Glance Protecting Pan Caribbean Data Center

ZKTeco Biometric Access Control Featured in Luxury São Paulo Residence

UAE Airports Get Multimodal Security


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April 1, 2015 – by Peter B. Counter