Physical Access & Enterprise Month: The Primer

April is Physical Access & Enterprise Month at FindBiometrics, during which we will be placing a featured focus on the strong authentication and identification technologies locking doors and protecting businesses. Throughout the next four weeks we are bringing you specially curated content, interviews and live coverage of ISC West – our premier partner in this market segment and the biggest security conference in the world. All of this will culminate in the next entry in our renowned webinar series.

It is a lot to look forward to and, to start things off on the right foot, we have compiled a primer of the latest trends in physical access and enterprise biometrics. Check it out:

Multimodal Security

Physical access control is a diverse technological space that evolves according to a an all important maxim of ultimate security and premium convenience. For a solution to be worth the investment from a business looking to upgrade its security, it needs to improve on the older card access solutions that have become pervasive. Biometrics of all kinds- fingerprint, face, iris, voice, behavioral, vascular and more – have all proved capable of meeting this criteria. Check out the many modalities that can protect physical assets at the workplace:

Fujitsu Makes Palm Vein Pitch to Microsoft Enterprise Customers

Suprema’s FaceStation 2 Wins Detektor Award

Princeton Identity Provides Facial and Iris Recognition Tech for Dubai Airport

IMID Access Control Tech Secures HQ of Iconic Canadian Transport Firm

Nymi Highlights Enterprise, Industrial Applications of Biometric Wristband


Universal Access

For the past few years, experts in the security space have been heralding the advent of universal access control: enterprise identity management across physical and digital channels. Biometrics are proving to be a key enabler of this paradigm shift. Thanks to mobile device proliferation, biometrics can secure accounts and doors with ease, and since they’re something you are, you don’t have to switch keys or authentication paradigms depending on the task at hand. Whether it’s checking in, locking up, logging on, or suiting up with industrial wearable tech, biometrics are the arbiters of access, both digitally and physically.

BioConnect Tackles Mobile Security in the Enterprise

Enterprise Cloud Computing Driving Demand for IDaaS: Report

StoneLock Announces Enterprise Identity Management Platform

GoVerifyID Enterprise Suite Gets ‘Ready for IBM Security Intelligence’ Designation

SIA Predicts Growing Importance of AI, Blockchain in 2018 Digital Security Trends

Toshiba Smartglasses of Enterprise Feature Fingerprint Authentication

The Consumer Factor

Physical Access & Enterprise Month: The PrimerThe enterprise is ready for biometric adoption, and that’s partially thanks to the fact that every worker, admin and executive is also a consumer, and consumers love biometrics. Enthusiasm for biometric security has even outpaced enterprise adoption to the point where some enterprises are considering consumer-grade authentication for the workplace. The following articles will provide insight into how the rise of the biometric consumer is changing the workplace.

Enterprises Are Considering Consumer-Grade Authentication For Access Control: Study

Spiceworks Survey Points to Evolution of Biometrics in the Enterprise

Put a Sensor on It

Physical Access & Enterprise Month: The PrimerBiometric access control is spreading to some of the most utilitarian use cases thanks to recent innovations in size, cost and efficacy. Two great examples of how pervasive biometric access is becoming can be found in the biometric padlock and the biometric car door. With the biometric padlock, anything that needs locking up, from a tool shed to your suitcase, can benefit from biometrics. When it comes to the car, it’s a useful upgrade that addresses known security flaws in both old and new vehicles while offering a high level of automatic customization and even enhanced safety to the driving experience.

Biometric Access Control To Become Standard in Car Sharing: Fujitsu

BIO-key Brings Biometric Padlocks to the US Market

Biometric Vehicle Access is Only a Matter of Time

Biometric Access Control To Become Standard in Car Sharing: Fujitsu

MWC 2018: Unlock Your Car With a Selfie Thanks To IDEMIA and Omoove

Turbi Uses FaceTec’s Biometrics For Car Access

Play Ball

Physical Access & Enterprise Month: The PrimerBiometric access is also finding a home at sports stadiums. Massive venues that require high levels of security without bottle-necking their massive throughput are turning to the same kind of technology used to protect airports. And while the whole thing starts off with security and efficiency in mind, the biometric venue space is already proving to be an entry point for identity-based retail innovations, with some organizations looking to leverage biometric security at the gates into biometric service at the concession stands.

Biometric Security Among Features of Alibaba’s Cloud-Based Olympics Platform

NEC Facial Recognition Tech Used to Secure Sports Stadium in Taipei

CLEAR Biometric Screening Arrives at Three More Ballparks

IdentoGO Gets First NFL Partner in New York Jets


Physical Access & Enterprise Month: The PrimerIn the enterprise, one of the obstacles on the path of biometric adoption has been the presence of legacy security systems. It’s not like before the rise of affordable biometric solutions businesses just left their doors unlocked. Thankfully, the biometrics industry has addressed this need to bring strong authentication as an upgrade to businesses that need a better key. The hero of the day in this respect is NFC technology, which can transform a mobile phone or wearable device into a biometric tap-card. And for those systems that use RF and other card standards for their security, a growing number of biometric smart card options are becoming available as fingerprint sensor companies look to revolutionize the card markets. Take a look at some of the next generation security solutions — some biometric, others not – that can upgrade the secured business in need of a boost.

MeReal Gets Its ‘Foot in the Door’ with New Biometric Card Partner

G4S Canada Incorporates Zwipe Access Into Solutions Portfolio

Actors in Training to Use Zwipe Access Solution at Rose Bruford College

MRHE Facilities in Dubai Are Compatible With HID Mobile Access

MeReal Gets Its ‘Foot in the Door’ with New Biometric Card Partner

ISC West

Like all biometrics markets, the physical access control and enterprise spaces are constantly evolving on the authentication and identity front. Year after year, FindBiometrics has been reporting live from ISC West in order to bring you news from the event that sets the security benchmark. In 2017 FindBiometrics entered an exclusive sponsorship with ISC West as part of our Premier Partner program, so this April make sure to stay tuned for our most in-depth ISC West coverage ever.

Until then, get an idea of what to expect by reading the following interview with Sherida Sessa, Industry Vice President, ISC West:

INTERVIEW: Sherida Sessa, Industry Vice President, ISC West

FindBiometrics and ISC West To Present Biometric Security Webinar on April 25


Stay posted to FindBiometrics throughout April as we continue to bring you featured coverage, live event reporting, expert interviews and our next famous industry webinar – all focused on Physical Access & Enterprise Biometrics.


Physical Access & Enterprise Month is made possible by our sponsors: BioConnect and Princeton Identity