Physical Access Biometrics Month: The Roundup

With May coming to an end it is time to close the door on Physical Access Biometrics Month. Throughout the past five weeks, FindBiometrics has been focused on the strong authentication technology securing physical spaces with a large amount of assurance and a high level of convenience, exploring the topic though our featured articles, exclusive interviews, an expert webinar, and our industry news coverage.

Here is a look back on the highlights of our featured coverage:

The State of Physical Access Biometrics

Physical Access Biometrics Month: The RoundupWe started Physical Access Biometrics Month on the heels of ISC West 2017 with a primer outlining the current state of biometric security. The article is filled with expert interviews, ISC West exhibition coverage, trends in access control, real deployments and more, collected to get you up to speed on the current conversation in biometric access.

Later in the month we also reported on new analysis from Transparency Market Research that outlined the increasingly important role biometrics are playing in the digital door lock market.

Check out the links below to get a full picture of the physical access biometrics landscape:

Physical Access Biometrics Month: The Primer

Biometric Tech Comprised 67 Percent of Digital Door Lock Market Last Year: TMR

Real Deployments, Contactless Convenience

Physical Access Biometrics Month: The RoundupIn week two of Physical Access Biometrics Month we examined the real ways that contactless biometrics are changing how we open doors all over the world, from securing diamond polishing facilities to locking your next new luxury car. Throughout the month, new deployments of frictionless biometric security were reported as well, with contactless access control deployed in a health club in Israel and at a school in Beijing.

The following links illustrate the growing ubiquity of contactless biometric security and the benefits that come with it:

Physical Access Biometrics Month: 5 Places Protected By Contactless Biometrics

Health Club Uses IMID Solution for Passive Member Identification

Biometric Tech Used to Secure Women’s Dorm at Beijing University

The Great Convergence

Physical Access Biometrics Month: The RoundupAll year long a major theme in the access control conversation has been the convergence of physical and information security. SIA CEO Don Erickson wrote about it in his introduction to the FindBiometrics Year in Review, and it was a major talking point in the biometrics-focused panels at the inaugural K(NO)W Identity Conference. For our third feature of the month, we examined the driving forces behind this convergence, and how a universal access paradigm is the most intuitive security situation from an end user perspective.

Physical Access Biometrics Month: The Advent of Universal Access

Talking About Access

Physical Access Biometrics Month: The RoundupPhysical Access Biometrics Month culminated in our expert webinar, The Biometric Baseline: Starting the New Conversation in Physical Access Control. The 45 minute live webcast featured an introduction from Joe Gittens, the Director of Standards for the Security Industry Association, and opened up into an interactive panel featuring Princeton Identity CEO Mark Clifton and FST Biometrics CMO Arie Melamed Yekel. Of course, the webinar wasn’t the only space where experts were talking biometric physical access. The following interviews with Gary Drutin, CEO, FST Biometrics, and Sherida Sessa, Industry Vice President, ISC Events, Connected Security Expo & Unmanned Security Expo, also offered leading insights into biometric security and physical access.

INTERVIEW: Gary Drutin, CEO, FST Biometrics

INTERVIEW: Sherida Sessa, Industry Vice President, ISC Events, Connected Security Expo & Unmanned Security Expo


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