Physical Access Biometrics Month: The Primer

May is Physical Access Biometrics Month at FindBiometrics, during which we are placing a featured focus on the biometry and strong authentication technologies locking our doors, protecting some of the most valuable spaces in the world. To start things off on the right foot, we have put together a primer designed to give you a picture of the current physical access biometrics space.

Physical Access Biometrics Month: The Primer

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ISC West 2017

Physical Access Biometrics Month: The PrimerYear after year the best way to understand the state of the physical access control market, biometric and otherwise, is by walking the exhibition floor at ISC West in Las Vegas. As usual, FindBiometrics reported straight from the conference this year, and biometrics were bigger than ever before. But that’s not all: new trends in the industry began to emerge though our conversations with biometric security thought leaders and executives, mainly that the average physical access customer has become familiar with biometric technology to the point where they have come to expect it in their security systems. With a wide range of biometric modalities available to choose from, the question has turned from “Should I invest in biometrics?” to, “Which biometrics should I choose for physical access security?”

The following articles breakdown our ISC West 2017 coverage and provide a snapshot of the physical access control biometrics market in action:

Look and Listen: Check Out Our ISC West 2017 Highlights

Biometrics Buzz Continues Through Day Two of ISC West

ISC West Opens with a Bang – and Booming Biometrics

Contactless Convenience

Physical Access Biometrics Month: The PrimerSecurity and convenience is the promise of biometric authentication, and that is especially true in the physical access control space. While biometrics in general provide superior security when compared to simple key card or PIN access—since you can’t lose who you are biologically, or have it stolen—the convenience of certain biometric solutions is becoming a factor that really sets these technologies apart. The pinnacle of convenient security is being realized in contactless biometric solutions. Iris recognition, face recognition, gait recognition, and contactless fingerprint scanning with the wave of a hand: these modalities are allowing for biometric security to be implemented with little-to-no recognizable friction, ideal for high throughput environments.

The following interviews with executives working in the contactless biometrics space will provide insight to the current state of the industry dialogue surrounding convenience in modern physical access.

INTERVIEW: Mohammed Murad, Vice President, Iris ID

ISC West 2017: Interview with Arie Melamed Yekel, CMO, FST Biometrics [AUDIO]

ISC West 2017: Interview with Princeton Identity CEO Mark Clifton [AUDIO]

ISC West 2017: Interview With MorphoTrak’s Gary Jones [AUDIO]

Biometric Access Everywhere

Physical Access Biometrics Month: The PrimerLong gone are the days when you could leave a door unlocked. It might seem obvious, but we secure countless thresholds with locks, and now that biometrics are becoming more affordable across a wide range of markets, every door is becoming an opportunity to deploy strong authentication. The following news stories from the past few months concern real deployments of biometrics in physical access, and go to show just how mainstream fingerprint, iris, face, and behavioral biometrics are becoming as real life security options.

Icelandic Gym Chain Introduces Iris-Based Access Control

Pacific Palisades Private Club Embraces IMID Access Control

Biometric Pill Dispenser Could Curb Substance Abuse

Scotiabank’s ‘Digital Factory’ Protected by Biometrics

Retirement Home Gets Iris Access Control Care of Princeton Identity

French Casino Patrons May Soon Access Services Via Biometric Smart Cards

Biometrics of Utitlity

Physical Access Biometrics Month: The PrimerThe idea of securing every door in the world with biometrics might seem hyperbolic, but it is becoming a reality faster than you might expect. At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show a new consumer-facing physical access solution was introduced, combining the convenience of recent innovations in mobility with the highest level of utility: biometric padlocks. Read the links below to learn about the new solutions that stand to put the power of biometric security in the hands of the average consumer:

Fingerprint-Scanning Padlock Represents a Growing Niche in Biometrics Market

BIO-key Aims to Wow With Biometric Padlocks at CES 2017

Mobility and Connectivity

Physical Access Biometrics Month: The PrimerMobility is creating an environment of accelerated innovation in IT, and biometrics are along for the ride. When it comes to physical access, this means bringing mobile based security to the workplace, integrating biometric access with IoT devices, and even locking our cars with facial recognition. The links below will direct you to conversations and news stories about how biometric physical access is right there at the forefront of mobile innovation and disruption.

INTERVIEW: Ritu Favre, CEO, NEXT Biometrics

ISC West 2017: Interview with Rob Douglas, CEO, BioConnect [AUDIO]

BioConnect Tackles Mobile Security in the Enterprise

Future Jaguar Cars May Recognize Approaching Drivers

Extreme Biometrics

Physical Access Biometrics Month: The PrimerBecause biometrics are new and high tech, it is easy to make the assumption that they must be fragile and elegant. That assumption is simply incorrect. Outdoor deployments of physical access control demand rugged technology that can withstand vandalism, operate in a variety of lighting conditions, and still authenticate in rain, dust, and other environmental conditions. Here are some of the latest biometric access control solutions designed to work anywhere humans have to be for a paycheck:

Safran Announces ‘Extreme’ Version of MorphoAccess SIGMA

Suprema to Unveil ‘World’s Fastest’ Facial Recognition Tech at Intersec 2017

ISC West 2017: Interview with Suprema’s Hanchul Kim [AUDIO]

New EyeLock Iris Scanner Designed for Rugged Deployments

Upgraded IMID Platform Can Operate in Low Light, Uses Deep Learning Algorithms

BioConnect Makes Case for BioEntry W2 Access Control

Universal ID

Physical Access Biometrics Month: The PrimerThere is a major change happening in biometric access control. The borders between physical and information security are blurring, and we are entering the beginnings of the age of universal ID. SIA CEO Don Erickson mentioned this trend in his forward to our 2016 Year in Review, and we have started to see new products from major access control players pave the way to a new paradigm of security. The convergence of physical and information access control will be a topic in our upcoming webinar. Register at the link below.

WEBINAR: The Biometric Baseline: Starting the New Conversation in Physical Access Control

Year in Review 2016: An Introduction From Don Erickson, CEO, Security Industry Association (SIA)

HID PIV Solution Offers Single Credential for IT, Physical Access Control


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May 4, 2017 – by Peter B. Counter