Photo Contest Illustrates Democratic Ideals of Recent Philippines Election

Smartmatic has announced the winners of its Transparency 2016 Election Photo Contest.

Photo Contest Illustrates Democratic Ideals of Recent Philippines ElectionOrganized in partnership with the Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation, the contest highlighted the civil spirit animating the Philippines’ recent general elections, with Jijo de Guzman’s grand prize-winning photo depicting a Catholic nun voting alongside a woman in traditional Muslim garb. De Guzman won an 11″ MacBook Air for his work, with other mobile devices going to the second and third place winners.

Smartmatic played a prominent role in the elections, having provided and configured optical scanners for processing ballots. The elections were notable for their incorporation of biometric voter enrollment ahead of polling, with biometric voter data now being used to help ensure fairness in further electoral processes like this autumn’s district and youth council elections.

Together with the winning photos of Smartmatic and FPPF’s recent contest, the events illustrate a country in pursuit of democratic ideals.

September 16, 2016 – by Alex Perala