New Phone From Taiwanese OEM Features Cardinal Q Sensor

IDEX has announced that its Cardinal Q fingerprint sensor has been integrated into another new smartphone.New Phone From Taiwanese OEM Features Cardinal Q Sensor

The company has not offered specific details with respect to the device or OEM involved, but in a statement it indicated that the client is “a mobile Taiwanese OEM”. The company also said it’s the same OEM that went ahead with previous sensor integrations last October and August.

News of the integration comes soon after IDEX revealed that its fingerprint sensor technology is being used in Mastercard’s pioneering new biometric payment card, a high-profile integration that could help to further popularize IDEX’s technology in other areas, including mobile devices.

In any case, the new integration indicates the ongoing importance of IDEX’s activities in the mobile sector, with an increasing number of smartphones featuring biometric fingerprint sensors as the technology continues to proliferate.

(Originally posted on Mobile ID World)