[AUIDO INTERVIEW] Phil Tusa, COO, CMITech Talks Iris Recognition at ISC West

[AUIDO INTERVIEW] Phil Tusa, COO, CMITech Talks Iris Recognition at ISC West

FindBiometrics President Peter ONeill left) with Phil Tusa, COO, CMITech at ISC West 2018

FindBiometrics is bringing you coverage directly from the international ISC West conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Reporting live from the exhibition floor, Peter O’Neill caught up with Phil Tusa, the COO of CMITech, one of the world’s leading iris recognition companies.

Listen to our full audio interview with Phil Tusa, COO, CMITech:

Here’s what we learned in conversation with CMITech:

Tusa outlined how biometrics are being continually integrated in various markets:

“We see the continual evolution of the adoption of biometrics by large companies. We think biometrics is going to be adopted much more quickly in Asia and the Middle East, which is where we are focusing on. We would expect North America to follow, but we are very optimistic about the applicability of biometrics into high security access control systems because of the growing awareness of the advantages of biometrics over other forms of authentication.”

In the ever increasing use of multimodal applications, Tusa asserts iris recognition has its place:

“We think that there’s a very clear use case for iris recognition, and what we communicate to people is to put iris recognition into the situations that take advantage of the advantages of iris recognition in general, which is high accuracy and hands free.”

The full interview outlines CMITech’s excellent year and many of the company’s key focuses, speaking further to CMITech’s strengths in a multimodal ecosystem:

“People can put our product into a multimodal application or biometrics backend – that’s something we support very actively.”

The biometrics industry conversation continues at ISC West throughout the week. Check out our other live audio interviews to stay up to date on this moment of dramatic growth in identity and security.

April 13, 2018 – Susan Stover